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09.02.2015 18:31

Moscow Exchange offers network connectivity via TMX Atrium's global infrastructure

In response to the needs of global market players, Moscow Exchange has expanded its international presence and can immediately offer its customers network connectivity in top financial centres using TMX Atrium's infrastructure. Moscow Exchange'' enhanced services will provide customers with connections to the Exchange's Trading and Information Systems via more than 9 points of presence (POPs) across the globe. 

Global liquidity centres including London, Chicago, New York and Frankfurt will be linked to Moscow by low latency routes over a high capacity fibre network owned and operated by TMX Atrium.

This resilient network solution is designed to effectively reduce operating costs, increase reach and provide high performance to Moscow Exchange customers.

Andrey Shemetov, First Deputy CEO of Moscow Exchange, said: "The ability to deliver low‐latency connectivity solutions globally along with great service performance in conjunction with TMX Atrium's reputation and ability to deliver rapidly was essential in our selection. Moscow Exchange has revolutionised trading in ruble assets in Russia over the last two years, and providing IT solutions for our global clients to reach our products is another step in making access to our markets even easier".

Emmanuel Carjat, Managing Director, TMX Atrium, said: "We are delighted that Moscow Exchange has chosen TMX Atrium to provide worldwide connectivity to its customer base. We have been acting as distributors for Moscow Exchange for over three years, and are looking forward to the expansion of their connectivity on our platform."


For further information, please contact the Public Relations Department at (495) 363-3232.

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