Point of Presence Questions and Answers

  • Is the IP address space of the Moscow Exchange facility registered?
    Yes, Moscow Exchange addresses are from registered scope

  • Do you provide same pair or separate pairs of cross connects for multicast and unicast data?
    We offer two separate ports for each client. Each connection can carry one multicast feed (only one, not both) and have full access to FIX servers. You can configure static routing or use BGP protocol to have redundant connection to the Exchange.

  • Does multicast feed use sparse or dense mode?
    Multicast feed utilizes "source specific multicasting" (sparse mode, no RP's needed).

  • Is FAST Feed A presented on the primary cross connect and Feed B on secondary only, which means the connection can never failover?
    Even though neither of FeedA or FeedB failover, Feed A and Feed B provide the same data feed. Such configuration guarantees market data feed between the client side and the Exchange.

  • Are multicast sources and RPs located in the same address space as the unicast targets?
    Our registered scope is separated between multicast sources and unicast services. We do not use RP's and use "source specific multicasting" instead.

  • Where are your sources located?
    Our sources are located in Moscow:
    "Kislovsky" Data Center: 13, Bolshoy Kislovsky pereulok, Moscow, Russia, 125009
    "M1" Data Center: 125, Varshavskoe shosse, Moscow, Russia, 117587.

  • What speed/type/Duplex/presentation will the cross connects be? (MM 1G preferred)?
    We use 1Gb/s fiber connections in single mode, 1310nm (IEEE 802.3z 1000BASE-LX standard) duplex (two links).

  • Is BGP supported?
    If you have your AS number, we can support BGP routing protocol for your connection. You can announce your registered prefixes over BGP to us (up to 3 prefixes free of charge; over 3 prefixes must be approved by the Exchange) and operate using your address range.
    If you cannot announce your registered prefixes over BGP, we can provide a private /24 subnet to you and setup the corresponding prefix acceptance from our side.

  • Who supplies cross connect subnets and are they from registered range?
    We provide subnets from our private range. For connections supporting BGP we provide private /30 subnets. For connections without BGP we provide 2 IPs from private /24 subnets supporting private VLANs for security.

  • Is any DNS resolution required?
    No, DNS resolution is not required.

  • What is the expected peak traffic load?
    Estimated peak traffic utilization is 16Mbit/s.

  • What is the target door-to-door latency figure for round trip delay?
    Our DtD latency under SLA is 42ms.

  • Are unicast data flows load balanced?
    Yes, unicast flows are load balanced.

  • Is there any QOS or traffic shaping for our links?