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Type System code State registration number ISIN Code
 "AK BARS CAPITAL Asset Management" LTD
 1.  Closed-end mutual fund unitRU000A0JPZL7 1076-58229138 RU000A0JPZL7
 2.  Closed-end mutual fund unitRU000A0JPZP8 0792-75407676 RU000A0JPZP8
 "AVANGARD" Joint Stock BANK
 3.  Ordinary shareAVAN 10102879B RU000A0DM7B3
 4.  Exchange-traded bondRU000A1007Q1 4B020202879B001P RU000A1007Q1
 5.  Exchange-traded bondRU000A100535 4B02-01-00417-R-001P RU000A100535
 "Bank "Saint-Petersburg" Public Joint-Stock Company
 6.  Ordinary shareBSPB 10300436B RU0009100945
 "Bioprocess Capital Partners" Ltd
 7.  Closed-end mutual fund unitRU000A0JRBT7 0945-94131984 RU000A0JRBT7
 "Central Telegraph" Public Joint-stock Company
 8.  Ordinary shareCNTL 1-03-00327-A RU0007665147
 9.  Preferred shareCNTLP 2-03-00327-A RU0007665139
 "Credit Europe Bank Ltd."
 10.  Exchange-traded bondRU000A0ZYDA5 4B020103311B001P RU000A0ZYDA5
 11.  Exchange-traded bondRU000A0ZZXP8 4B020203311B001P RU000A0ZZXP8
 "DOMODEDOVO FUEL FACILITIES" Limited Liability Company
 12.  Exchange-traded bondRU000A0ZYM21 4B02-01-00356-R-001P RU000A0ZYM21
 "Element Leasing" Limited Liability Company
 13.  Exchange-traded bondRU000A0JUN08 4B02-03-36193-R RU000A0JUN08
 14.  Exchange-traded bondRU000A0JWC66 4B02-04-36193-R RU000A0JWC66
 15.  Exchange-traded bondRU000A0ZZ0L6 4B02-01-36193-R-001P RU000A0ZZ0L6
 16.  Exchange-traded bondRU000A100A41 4B02-02-36193-R-001P RU000A100A41
 "Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System", PUBLIC JOINT-STOCK COMPANY
 17.  Ordinary shareFEES 1-01-65018-D RU000A0JPNN9
 18.  Corporate bondRU000A0JR1Y7 4-06-65018-D RU000A0JR1Y7
 19.  Corporate bondRU000A0JR1Z4 4-07-65018-D RU000A0JR1Z4
 20.  Corporate bondRU000A0JR209 4-08-65018-D RU000A0JR209
 21.  Corporate bondRU000A0JR217 4-10-65018-D RU000A0JR217
 22.  Corporate bondRU000A0JR3M8 4-09-65018-D RU000A0JR3M8
 23.  Corporate bondRU000A0JR3L0 4-11-65018-D RU000A0JR3L0
 24.  Corporate bondRU000A0JRL96 4-13-65018-D RU000A0JRL96
 25.  Corporate bondRU000A0JRZK5 4-18-65018-D RU000A0JRZK5
 26.  Corporate bondRU000A0JSQ58 4-22-65018-D RU000A0JSQ58
 27.  Corporate bondRU000A0JT2K2 4-25-65018-D RU000A0JT2K2
 28.  Corporate bondRU000A0JT7T2 4-21-65018-D RU000A0JT7T2
 29.  Corporate bondRU000A0JTKA4 4-24-65018-D RU000A0JTKA4
 30.  Corporate bondRU000A0JTYK4 4-28-65018-D RU000A0JTYK4
 31.  Corporate bondRU000A0JTYJ6 4-23-65018-D RU000A0JTYJ6
 32.  Corporate bondRU000A0JU2K9 4-26-65018-D RU000A0JU2K9
 33.  Corporate bondRU000A0JU2L7 4-27-65018-D RU000A0JU2L7
 34.  Corporate bondRU000A0JU7S1 4-29-65018-D RU000A0JU7S1
 35.  Corporate bondRU000A0JUC92 4-30-65018-D RU000A0JUC92
 36.  Corporate bondRU000A0JUCA9 4-34-65018-D RU000A0JUCA9
 37.  Corporate bondRU000A0JVCB5 4-37-65018-D RU000A0JVCB5
 38.  Corporate bondRU000A0JVDD9 4-38-65018-D RU000A0JVDD9
 39.  Exchange-traded bondRU000A0JX090 4B02-02-65018-D RU000A0JX090
 40.  Exchange-traded bondRU000A0ZYDH0 4B02-03-65018-D RU000A0ZYDH0
 41.  Exchange-traded bondRU000A0ZYJ91 4B02-04-65018-D RU000A0ZYJ91
 42.  Exchange-traded bondRU000A0ZZQN7 4B02-01-65018-D-001P RU000A0ZZQN7
 "First Container Terminal Incorporated"
 43.  Corporate bondRU000A0JW0S4 4-01-03924-J RU000A0JW0S4
 44.  Corporate bondRU000A0JW5E3 4-02-03924-J RU000A0JW5E3
 45.  Corporate bondRU000A0JWBP5 4-03-03924-J RU000A0JWBP5
 "GPB Aerofinance"
 46.  Corporate bondRU000A0JXM22 4-02-36439-R RU000A0JXM22
 "Home Money" LLC
 47.  Exchange-traded bondRU000A0JXPH0 4B02-01-36412-R-001P RU000A0JXPH0
 "InfoWatch" Joint Stock Company
 48.  Exchange-traded bondRU000A0ZYW94 4B02-01-59384-H-001P RU000A0ZYW94
 "International Medical Center of Biomaterials Processing and Cryostorage Joint-stock company"
 49.  Exchange-traded bondRU000A1001T8 4B02-01-85932-H-001P RU000A1001T8
 "Interregional Distribution Grid Company of Center and Volga Region", Public Joint Stock Company
 50.  Ordinary shareMRKP 1-01-12665-E RU000A0JPN96
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