Trading in foreign stocks

The start of trading in foreign stocks – August 24, 2020.

Background for trading in foreign stocks on MOEX:

  • The Russian regulatory framework allows Russian investors to purchase instruments on the global financial markets; however, investors are exposed to risks resulting from operations beyond the Russian law.
  • According to the survey conducted by Naufor, foreign securities accounted for 14% of the total investments made by individuals in 2019 (86% was for Russian securities).
  • Generation Y invest in world-known brands. Private investors and trading members welcome the admission of foreign stocks to trading.
  • Options for geographic and sectoral diversification will allow attracting a new class of investors and retain demand for Russian securities.
  • Current and upcoming regulatory initiatives regarding securities available to non-qualified investors will permit acquiring foreign securities admitted to trading on the Russian exchange.


  1. Which instruments are admitted to trading?
  2. Trading hours and trading calendar specifics
  3. CCP NCC risk parameters, margin requirements, margin trading
  4. Trading modes, order types
  5. Clearing and settlement
  6. Lot size, tick
  7. Fee
  8. Are any changes to the reports expected following the launch of trading in foreign stocks?
  9. OTC reporting
  10. Futures and indexes on foreign shares
  11. Dividends, record dates
  12. Taxation
  13. Can one purchase foreign stocks using the Individual Investment Account? Does the long-term ownership benefit apply?
  14. Adding turnover in foreign stocks to the turnover of the leading brokers on MOEX
  15. Risks associated with purchasing foreign securities