26.07.2022 18:51

Testing of non-resident Client registration

Please be informed about planned updates of Client Registration service on 8 August 2022.

There will be added new attribute TRD_RESTR to specify Trading restrictions for non-resident clients allowed to operate at main trading boards of securities and derivatives markets.

Please pay attention, when change TRD_RESTR value for actually registered client, new value will take effect on the next day. New clients with specified TRD_RESTR value may be added online.

TRD_RESTR attribute posiible values:

  • null – there may be no value of "Trade restrictions"
  • 1 – Operations (trades) allowed with non-residents assotiated with unfriendly country only
  • 2 – Operations (trades) allowed with residents only

In case the date changes, Moscow Exchange will provide an update.

Starting from 26 July new attribute in client registration form available for testing on T1 securities and derivatives market test environments.

You may find test version of XSD scheme for client registration XML file at FTP server: https://ftp.moex.com/pub/ClientsAPI/WebAPI/ClientRegistration/test/moexclients.xsd

Following documents contain information about connection to the API:

Please note new XSLT style RptClients_08072022 of Report on registered clients at MOEX FTP server.

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