Информация предназначена для квалифицированных инвесторов

Issue of Series 102 USD 10,000,000 Share Linked Notes (Autocall Standard Notes with Snowball Digital Coupon) due 2025 (ISIN XS2196304179) 
Issued by BrokerCreditService Structured Products plc (the "Issuer") 
(the "Notes")

All capitalised terms used in this notice and not defined herein shall have the meanings and constructions ascribed to them in the terms and conditions of the Notes (the 'Conditions') and in the Final Terms in respect of the Notes dated June 26th, 2020(the 'Final Terms').			
The Issuer hereby notifies Noteholders that pursuant to the occurrence of an Automatic Early Redemption Event on the Automatic Early Redemption Valuation Date falling on December 30th, 2020, the Notes will be redeemed in whole on the Automatic Early Redemption Date at a price of 100% with accrued coupon in the amount of USD 1 150 000,00 in respect of the total amount of outstanding Notes falling on  January 11th, 2021
The Notes will be redeemed at an amount equal to the Automatic Early Redemption Amount as follows:			
USD 1 250,00 in respect of each Note;			
USD 10 000 000 in respect of the total amount of outstanding Notes.			
BrokerCreditService Structured Products plc			

Date:  December 31st, 2020