Report on the status of funds

Value on 27.07.2020Value on 03.08.2020
1. Funds deposited by clearing members and their clients, RUB.: 127807085405,91132589804795,36
cash in RUB and asset profiles for funds in RUB, foreign currency*, securities*, precious metals*:77276322564,1681333199715,24
foreign currency&securities, RUB.*:50530762841,7551256605080,12
2. Blocked as a means of: Number of shares/currency, pieceEstimated value, RUB Number of shares/currency, pieceEstimated value, RUB 
2.1. Securities:
– PJSC "ALROSA", shares0000
– VTB Bank (PJSC), shares0000
– PJSC "MMC "NORILSK NICKEL", shares464773306332,06464775404545,5
– PJSC "GAZPROM", shares2081489319612635,952081489314481557,42
– PJSC "LUKOIL", shares715429496120,85715430091387,31
– MTS PJSC, shares0000
– Rosneft, shares300008912955300008846970
– PJSC "RusHydro", shares0000
– PAO "Severstal", shares0000
– "Surgutneftegaz" PJSC, shares0000
– PJSC "TATNEFT", shares0000
– Transneft, preferred shares0000
– "FGC UES" PJSC, shares0000
– Sberbank, shares10000001793547001000000183575250
– Sberbank, priviliged shares0000
2.2. Currency:
– USD283429527,6319119900847,34270658520,1818905876556,5
– EUR392420708,8730800179250,54384218708,8731738328813,4
*) indicated in the appraised value