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20.09.2017 Maintenance T0
19.09.2017 Changes in derivatives market tariffs
19.09.2017 Annual load testing of Moscow Exchange trading and clearing systems
18.09.2017 New access schema to ASTS Bridge via dedicated network
18.09.2017 Additional servers for MOEX terminals with Internet access
18.09.2017 New ASTS Bridge servers with access via Internet
18.09.2017 New NTP service
18.09.2017 FX market Trading and Clearing systems update on test environment (INETCUR_GATEWAY) and Game Server
08.09.2017 Maintenance
06.09.2017 EDI changes
06.09.2017 Changes in derivatives market tariffs
06.09.2017 New ASTS Bridge servers with access via Internet
06.09.2017 Additional servers for MOEX terminals with Internet access
30.08.2017 Testing schedule for FX market for September 2, 2017
29.08.2017 ASTS/Spectra testing September 2, 2017
28.08.2017 ASTS/Spectra testing 2.09.2017
18.08.2017 New planned date for Derivatives Market and FX Market releases
14.08.2017 Introduction of new Derivatives Market and FX Market functionality postponed
10.08.2017 Change of operation schedule on test FX server
04.08.2017 Upcoming changes to the FX market xml reports
01.08.2017 ASTS Equity market test environment update
01.08.2017 New test environment for derivatives market
31.07.2017 Introduction of date for Derivatives Market and FX Market releases
27.07.2017 Implementation of sponsored market access in Equity market ASTS system
27.07.2017 Changes in Equity and FX markets ASTS system for the Unified collateral pool project
20.07.2017 Change of FX market test environment for FIX/FAST
18.07.2017 Changes in FX market ASTS system related to trading at fixing price
04.07.2017 Moscow Exchange to establish subsidiary focused on innovative projects
29.06.2017 New trading board on the equity market test server
23.06.2017 Test data in production environment on 24 June and 1 July
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