Listing of securities issued on behalf of foreign states or their central banks
and administrative-territorial entities with separate legal capacity

Basic requirements

  • Securities comply with the requirements of Article 51.1 of the Federal Law "On the securities market"
  • A foreign issuer undertakes to provide the Exchange with information about the securities for disclosure by the Exchange in accordance with Russian securities legislation
  • The securities are accepted for servicing by the settlement depositary 1
  • Other Russian legal requirements regarding securities and normative acts of the Bank of Russia are observed

With the basic requirements complied, securities may be included on Level 3

Inclusion in Levels 1 and 2

Requirement Level 1 Level 2
Issue volume At least RUB 2 bln At least RUB 500 mln
Par value No more than RUB 50,000 or 1,000 currency units if the security par value is denominated in foreign currency
Absence of issuer default Absent, or at least 3 years
passed since default causing
liabilities were ceased
Absent, or at least 2 years
passed since default causing
liabilities were ceased
The issuer (or the bonds issue) and the surety (guarantor) have a credit rating of certain level 2 Not lower than the level set by Moscow Exchange