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Precious metals market

On October 21, 2013 Moscow Exchange launched precious metals spot-trading in gold (GLD) and silver (SLV). Platinum and palladium trading is due in 1H14 if there is interest from market participants.

Prices for precious metals are quoted in RUB per gram. Trades are settled in RUB.

Precious metals are traded from 10:00 am to 11:50 pm MSK with standard value date TOM. TOD and LTV (with value dates from T+2 up to 6M) are also available for off book trades only. Value dates for Swap deals with precious metals are: O/N, TOM/SPT, 1W, 1M, 6M.

Precious metals trading is conducted on the FX Market's trading platform. The official name of the exchange's FX market has been changed to FX and Precious Metals Market.

The National Clearing Centre (NCC) acts as the central counterparty and clearing house. Trading members enjoy the high-efficiency and reliable Risk management system of FX Market, unified positions with currency instruments, and existing registration codes.  

Operations with bullion bars (deposit/withdrawal of bars to/from unallocated precious metals "Loro" accounts) are available to trading members – banks and are conducted in accordance with section 4 of the Unallocated Precious Metals Account Agreement provided that transaction details are previously negotiated and agreed by dealers of both bank (unallocated account holder) and the NCC (facilitator bank).

For inquiries and questions regarding bullion bars transactions, please contact National Clearing Centre:
Pavel Aslanov
+7 (495) 363 32 32 (ext. 4357)
Reuters Dealing: NCCB

Deposit/withdrawal operations are subject to facilitator bank's fees according to fee schedule (tariffs) applicable to the banking services rendered to clients of NCC.

Please find further details on the Moscow Exchange's precious market in our presentations:



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