Listing of foreign securities intended for qualified investors

Foreign securities not admitted to public placement and/or circulation, may be submitted to on-exchange trading according to the Rules of the Exchange, provided that:

  • ISIN and CFI codes assigned
  • Qualification as securities in accordance with the Bank of Russia regulations
  • The issuer of the securities is:
    • foreign organisations established in states that are members of the OECD, MONEYVAL, Eurasian Economic Union, members or observers of FATF
    • foreign organisations established in states with the relevant authorities of which the Bank of Russia has concluded agreements governing their cooperation. Due to the Bank of Russia joining IOSCO MMoU, list of such states was extended with IOSCO MMoU signatories
    • foreign states specified above or of those states' central banks and administrative-territorial entities with separate legal capacity
    • international financial organisations on the list approved by the Russian government
    • foreign organisations which securities have "recognized" listing1


Securities whose circulation is limited according to the Russian legislation, i.a. securities intended for qualified investors, may be included only to Level 3.

Listing requirements

  • Securities comply with the Russian legislation requirements, including normative acts of the Russian Federation
  • A foreign issuer undertakes to disclose information in accordance with Annex 9 to the Listing Rules
  • The securities are accepted for servicing by the settlement depositary


1 "Recognized listing"– listing on the stock exchange that meets the criteria set by the bank of Russia