For clients:

For any questions regarding MOEX’s index management products, please contact MOEX index management team by phone at +7 (495) 363-3232 or email at

Moscow Exchange`s trademarks are used in names of investment products by asset management companies, banks and other financial institutions; benchmarks under MOEX’s trademarks are served as the basis for pricing derivative financial instruments such as:

  • ETFs, open-ended mutual funds, exchange-traded mutual funds;
  • Futures contracts, options, swap contracts;
  • Bank deposits (with returns linked to the performance of a particular index);
  • Structured products (with additional income from a security linked to the performance of MOEX index, fixing or zero coupon yield curve);
  • OTC derivatives (NDOs, NDFs, etc.).

Key highlights

  • MOEX gives the right to use its trademark in index products’ names, adverts and supportive documents necessary for the launch and promotion of the product;
  • Interaction between the customer and Moscow Exchange is subject to a license agreement. The license fee is comprised of a fixed fee and a variable fee depending upon assets under management;  
  • A wide range of indicators is available for licensing, including the MOEX Russia Index, RTS Index, Blue-Chip Index, zero coupon yield curve, bond index family and FX fixings;
  • MOEX indicators are reviewed on an annual basis to ensure their compliance with the Principles for Financial Benchmarks published by the International Organization of Securities Commissions ("IOSCO"). Following the review, the auditor compiles the Statement of Compliance.