02.09.2016 19:48

Moscow Exchange shareholders approve corporate restructuring

A Moscow Exchange Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (EGM) on 2 September 2016 approved a corporate restructuring whereby 100%-owned subsidiaries CJSC MICEX Stock Exchange and MB Technologies LLC will be consolidated into Moscow Exchange.

CJSC MICEX Stock Exchange and MB Technologies LLC are part of Moscow Exchange Group's unified trading, settlement and technological system. The restructuring will optimise the Group's corporate structure, streamline customer relationships with Group companies and reduce costs both for customers and for the Exchange.

As required by applicable law, shareholders who did not vote on the restructuring or voted against it may tender their shares for repurchase by the Company. The Supervisory Board, based on recommendations of an independent appraiser, set the price for the buyback at RUB 106 per share. (NB: The average price per share in H1 2016 was RUB 101.98.)

In relation to the corporate restructuring, shareholders also approved a new version of Moscow Exchange's Charter that transfers to the Exchange listing services and securities trading organiser services, as well as certain information services provided by MICEX Stock Exchange and MB Technologies.

The restructuring will require no additional action on the part of issuers, customers or other counterparties. Following the restructuring, Moscow Exchange will become the full-fledged legal successor of the consolidated companies and acquire all their rights and responsibilities under existing contracts and other obligations.

The Exchange will complete substantial corporate restructuring procedures by the end of 2016.

Shareholder FAQs related to the corporate restructuring are available at: http://moex.com/s803

FAQs for MICEX Stock Exchange and MB Technologies issuers and clients are available at: http://moex.com/s986

Notes for editors:

MICEX Stock Exchange is the organiser of trading on Moscow Exchange's Equity & Bond Market and Money Market. MB Technologies offers technical access services for trading on Moscow Exchange's Derivatives Market as well as co-location services at Moscow Exchange"s data centres. 


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