07.11.2019 14:17

New trading board on FX market

Dear FX market clients,

We plan to launch a new board SDBP - "Speed Bump" for big lot order driven trading with spot instruments and a random speed bump technology.

The USDRUB_TDB instrument will be moved to this new trading board and trading with the following new instruments will also be added:

EURRUB_TDB Currency pair EUR/RUB (settlement date: T+0)

USDRUB_TMB Currency pair USD/RUB (settlement date: T+1)

EURRUB_TMB Currency pair EUR/RUB (settlement date: T+1)

Commission on USDRUB_TOM is retained within the marketing period (taker-0 / maker-16$/mln).

Commission on new instruments is applied in accordance with tariff plans for spot trades. The extension of the marketing period to new instruments will be reported additionally.

Parameters of new instruments are the same as those of USDRUB_TDB.

By default, the new board is available to all FX market clients. After the new board is launched trading with the USDRUB_TDB instrument on CETS board will be stopped.

The new board and instruments are available on the INETCUR test environment. Production launch is scheduled for November 25, 2019.

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