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    13.10.2021 20:09

    Moscow Exchange to add Equity Market trading hours

    Moscow Exchange aims to continually expand the tools and trading opportunities it provides to market participants and clients.

    One important innovation this year has been the extension of the hours that participants are able to access the markets. Starting on 1 March 2021, MOEX’s FX, Precious Metals and Derivatives Markets opened at 7am and closed at 23:50 Moscow time. After-hours trading became available on the Bond Market on 27 September.

    Effective 6 December 2021, the opening of the Equity Market will move to 6:50am Moscow time. Currently, the trading hours on the market are from 9:50am to 23:50. The change will mean trading on the Equity Market will run for 17 hours. Clients in Siberia and the Russian Far East as well as the Asia-Pacific region will benefit from more convenient trading hours. Market participants will be able to respond more quickly to changing global market dynamics and implement additional trading and arbitrage opportunities in the morning hours.

    MOEX market participants will be able to test the morning trading on their systems starting on 13 October.

    From 6 December, to make pricing on the FX Market more effective, an opening auction will be held from 6:50am to 7:00am for all spot instruments. The opening auction will help to generate a more representative opening price and reduce the risk of artificially inflating or undervaluing the market price. Since 2015, an opening auction has also been in place in the Equity & Bond Market.

    For more information on the morning session on the Equity Market, please visit the Moscow Exchange website.

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