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19.10.2021 12:16

Decomission of the cash funds returns service in SPECTRA clearing-trading system

Dear derivatives market clearing members,

we would like to remind you of decommission of the cash funds returns service in SPECTRA clearing-trading system.

Current service support will continue for next two years. During this period clearing members will have access to cash funds returns via MOEX Spectra Terminal as well as centralized request processing systems like:

NCC EDI (documents forwarded via NCC EDI without using FileGate service)

Starting November 1st 2021 cash funds returns from derivatives will be available only via centralized request processing systems.

Collateral transfers between settlement accounts (including transfer between markets) and asset profile transfers between UCP settlement accounts will remain fully supported (both between derivative market's cash accounts and different markets).

Detailed information about methods of forwarding requests for service to NCC can be found on NCC website.

More detailed information is available on Clearing innovations page.

You can direct any questions to your personal manager via tel: +7 (495) 363-32-32.

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