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    16.11.2021 14:06

    Preliminary parameters for the start of trading in SPB Exchange ordinary shares

    Moscow Exchange announces preliminary trading parameters that will apply to ordinary shares of Public Joint Stock Company SPB Exchange (registration number 1-01-55439-E dated 19 March 2009), if a decision to start trading in the security is made. From 15 November 2021, the share is admitted to the Moscow Exchange Level 3 List.

    • Ticker: SPBE
    • ISIN RU000A0JQ9P9

    The security will be made available for trading in the main and after-hours trading sessions with settlement in RUB:

    • Central Order Book T+2 (TQBR): One lot = one ordinary share; the price tick is RUB 0.1.
    • Negotiated trades (PSEQ) / Negotiated trades with the CCP (PTEQ): One lot = one ordinary share; the price tick is RUB 0.1.

    These shares are expected to be available to unqualified investors for unrestricted trading.

    Please note that this information contains preliminary values.

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