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    16.11.2021 20:02

    Additional information about the next release

    Dear Clients,

    In addition to the announcement about planned on 6 December 2021 release of trading and clearing systems we would like to inform you about next changes.

    Securities market

    Updates in ASTS Bridge interfaces IFCBroker41 and IFCBroker42

    • Table SECURITIES is supplemented with fields containing information about depository services commission charging: RECORD_DATE_CALC (Depository commission record date) and ACTION_DATE_CALC (Depository commission charge date).
    • Table BANKACC is supplemented with field MORNINGSESSION to mark Bank accounts that are available for trading in additional morning session.

    Market data per additional morning session.

    All online market data for main and both additional evening and morning sessions is published in the SECURITIES table.

    When additional morning session ends then its results will be published in SEC_STATS table with TRADINGSESSION=0.

    You may find Broker and BrokerRisk specifications on our FTP server:

    Long text messages from system

    In the BCMESSAGES table of ASTS Bridge information per certain types of trading events may be provided as messages longer then current size of 255 symbols. If system message is longer than 255 symbols, it will be transmitted as sequence of short fragments with [NN/TT] prefix. For example: [01/03], [02/03], [03/03]. Data transmission format remain the same.

    Changes in clearing reports

    • EQM84 collateral valuation report is supplemented with the TaxMarginLimit attribute in SETTLE node: limit value for Settlement account to record collateral for RF taxes of Non-resident Clearing Members. Also, FirmNameEn (main firm name in English) attribute will be added to the report.
    • CCX98 report on Settlement Accounts and details of Clearing member is supplemented with two attributes: KIND (Settlement Account kind) and Z_CONNECTED (Connection with the Settlement account for recording collateral for RF taxes).

    You may find specifications of clearing reports at MOEX website. XSD schemes and styles are available at FTP server

    Testing of earlier announced functionality on the FX market test environment

    Instruments traded with discount/premium to WAP USDRUB_TOM on 11:30 MSK

    We would like to invite you to participate in testing of the new instrument USDRUB_WAPV (variation) that is launched on currently active boards WAPS and WAPN in INETCUR T1 UAT environment. The instrument will be available for real trades starting from the release date.

    Opening auction

    From 22nd to 26th November opening auction will be available for testing on FX market INETCUR T1 UAT environment from 6:50 to 7:00. Before 22nd and after 26th

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