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17.12.2021 14:14

Moscow Exchange unveils updated brand

On 17 December 2021, Moscow Exchange (MOEX) presented its updated brand. The past 10 years have seen evolutionary changes in the development of the exchange and the entire financial market. Moscow Exchange has gone beyond a classical exchange business: it now provides a range of OTC services while also developing platform solutions and opening up new opportunities for clients. In response to these dramatic changes, the company’s brand is also changing, reflecting the scale and influence of the Group’s business and encompassing all areas of our operations.

  • The new logo – a steps leading upwards – represents constant growth, development and improvement, and symbolises the fact that Moscow Exchange is more than a stock exchange. Aiming skyward, the logo shows that we are setting the development trajectory for the country’s financial market.
  • At the centre of the new logo are the letters MOEX: short for Moscow Exchange and at the same time the stock exchange ticker for the company’s shares.
  • Moscow Exchange retains the colour red – the colour of confidence, vigour and leadership – as the basis of its brand. Compared with the previous logo, the colour takes on a more modern hue.

Moscow Exchange is a trading venue for more than 6,000 financial instruments. It also incorporates the country’s first Finuslugi financial marketplace, the National Settlement Depository (Russia’s central depository), the National Clearing Centre (the central counterparty for the exchange’s markets), as well as a number of other companies. They are all united under the umbrella brand of the Moscow Exchange Group, or MOEX Group.

Yury Denisov, MOEX Chief Executive Officer, said: "Next year, MOEX will celebrate 30 years in business. In fact, we emerged together with the Russian Federation and over the years created an investment market in the country from scratch. We are growing rapidly, and we’ve already become more than an exchange. We’ve gone beyond the classical exchange business: we’re expanding into the OTC market, creating platforms that connect financial companies and clients, and opening up new opportunities for investors, corporations and banks. With millions of retail investors entering the market, financial companies are focusing more on the social impact of their activities. Moscow Exchange is, to a large extent, shaping this trend. We feel responsible for people’s future, so we are making financial literacy one of our major objectives. It make sense for the company to update its brand at this time in order to be more in line with this agenda."

Irina Lebedeva, Managing Director for Marketing and Customer Experience at MOEX, said: "In recent years, millions of people have opened brokerage accounts with Moscow Exchange and become investors. The financial market is changing rapidly, and Moscow Exchange is leading these changes. As the company evolves, so does our brand. It should reflect our scale and influence and cover all areas of our activity. That’s why we are rebranding. The presentation of Moscow Exchange’s new image is kicking off an advertising campaign for a wider audience. We are going to talk about our brand values, the importance of a responsible attitude to finance and the new opportunities offered by financial markets and our services.

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