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The next release of securities and FX market systems

The next release of securities, money and FX market systems is planned on 27 June 2022. The following key changes are included. In case of any change, we will provide an update.

Trading members simultaneous admission to securities and deposit market
Mechanism for trading members simultaneous admission to securities market and deposits with CCP will be implemented in trading and clearing system.

Following changes in clearing reports will take effect:

  1. Deposit market client's liabilities on commission fee will be included into EQM15 report formed on 23:45. Making EQM15 separately for deposit market clients is abolished.
  2. EQM06 report on trades included into clearing for deposit market clients includes data per securities market trades.
  3. Information about deposit contracts is included into EQM13 report on on net liabilities and net claims. Information about deposit contracts is not included into total net liability / claim. EQM13 report on 19:00 will include following data:
  • claim on deposit return (DataType = DEPO_RETURN);
  • intention to conclude deposit contract (DataType = DEPO_ INTENTION);
  • total claim on deposit market (DEPO_RETURN + DEPO_ INTENTION)
    On SEC_M_FEE claim type:
  • deposit contract application variable commission fee payment;
  • fixed commission fee payment for trading and for clearing;

EQM13 report on 20:00 will include following data, if available:

  • commission fee payment for intention transfer included into SEC_M_FEE, NettoSum.
  • actual sum of executed intentions to conclude deposit contracts (DataType = DEPO_FACT_SUM);
  • total claim on deposit market (DEPO_RETURN + DEPO_FACT_SUM)


The CURRENCY node is supplemented with non-required DepoSum field:

  • EQM13 report on 19:00 contains value of DepoSum = DEPO_RETURN + DEPO_ INTENTION.
  • EQM13 report on 20:00 contains value of DepoSum = DEPO_RETURN + DEPO_FACT_SUM.

New deposit partial withdrawal service on deposit with CCP market

On June 27, 2022, the new deposit partial withdrawal service of the securities market will be released. With the service deposit market clients can enter order to withdraw part of placed deposit with CCP. Technically, trades are implemented like REPO CCP, with an additional contract to a placed deposit contract. Withal, an initial deposit value is reduced, and rates are re-calculated.
The new deposit withdrawal service will be available with securities market terminal MOEX Trade SE and with MOEX Treasury web interface.
You may find MOEX Trade SE packages for testing on FTP server (

Users will be prompted to autoupdate when connecting to the trading system. Packages for manual installation will be available starting from 25 June at FTP server:
Production connection settings will be published additionally and will be provided with the MOEX Trade SE terminal production package.

New REPO CCP trading boards with Federal Treasury
5 new trading boards of REPO with CCP will be added to the trading system
FSRP (Auction reverse REPO CCP 1 day),
FSOW (Auction reverse REPO CCP 1 week),
FSSW (Auction reverse REPO CCP 2 weeks),
FSOM (Auction reverse REPO CCP1 month),
FSFW (Auction reverse REPO CCP 5 weeks).

Using new trading boards Federal Treasury can enter fundraise orders with specified activation time, and other securities market trading members can enter counter orders for distribution. Basket order entering is not provided.

REPO with CBR trades: automatic principal payments
Currently, principal payment (coupon or amortization) cause REPO sum decrease. It is planned to proceed principal payment automatically within NCC, preserving REPO sum for REPO with CBR trades. Payment will be accrued on trading and clearing account of CBR's counterparty.

Commission on OTC trades reporting: changes in clearing reports
Commission fee payment for OTC trades reporting by NCC is included into partition on clearing commission (ComType = 2)) of the EQM15 report on clearing participants liabilities on commission fee. The RECORDS node will be supplemented with
VatComm (Sum of value added tax) field.

Complex financial product types COMPLEXPRODUCTTYPES directory updates
The SECURITIES.COMPLEXPRODUCT field will contain value of complex financial product type only for users who activate the special service.
New '-999' value (The information is not available / unknown) will be added to COMPLEXPRODUCTTYPES directory. Descriptions of 12, 13,14,15 existing types will change in accordance with the Base Standard.

For testing purposes,
шn T1 securities test environment following securities have specified complex product types

13 RU000A0JXGV0
14 RU000A1048A9
15 XS2010044548
-999 MOEX

It is planned to start using of 12-15 type codes from 1 July 2022, depending on the Base Standard new edition release date. Restriction of information about complex product type will take effect on 1 August 2022. On this day, using of '-999' value will start.


New currency pairs for main trading mode
List of instruments available for trading on CETS and CNGD boards is extended with new currency pairs. You may find new instrument codes and new position tags (POSITION.TAG) in the
eng_FX_new_instruments_tags_2022 document. A full list of parameters of new instruments will be published later.

New currency pairs for CCP OTC clearing
List of instruments available for trading on CPCL and LICU boards is extended with new currency pairs. You may find new instrument codes in the
eng_FX_new_instruments_tags_2022 document. A full list of parameters of new instruments will be published later.

Changes in fee packages
Work is under way to update commission fee package system.
It is planned to shorten list of fee packages. For SPOT trades there is one asymmetric commission fees package instead of current three packages on main trading mode: commission fee from trade make will be cancelled, otherwise, commission fee from trade taker will be increased. For negotiated deals, current symmetric fee package will remain, withal commission rates will be increased.
For SWAP trades Instead of acting six fee packages there will be three of them (SWP_0, SWP_600, SWP_1000). Commission rates and payment procedure will remain the same.
You may find more information about fee packages changing in the attached document eng_FX_new_fee_packages_2022.
Moscow exchange will provide an additional publication about the date when new fee packages will take effect.

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