06.02.2014 20:49

Moscow Exchange launches an ETF on the MSCI China Index

Moscow Exchange on 6 February launched trading in the FinEx MSCI China UCITS ETF (FXCN).

The ETF tracks the MSCI China Index, which comprises 138 Chinese securities. BNY Mellon will act as the custodian and administrator, while FINAM will be the market maker for the ETF. The fund's shares will be traded on Moscow Exchange"s securities market in RUB.    

Evgeny Kovalishin, President and CEO of FinEx Plus, said: "FinEx MSCI China UCITS ETF is the first ETF in Russia giving exposure to emerging markets. China is the world"s second-largest economy and fastest-growing consumer market. The Chinese economy grew 7.7 per cent in 2013 to USD 9.3 trln in notional value. Investments in the world"s top markets using a set of FinEx ETFs allow Russian private and institutional investors to build up balanced globally diversified portfolios right now."

Andrey Shemetov, Moscow Exchange Deputy CEO, said: "The extended product line improves the Exchange"s competitiveness. The ETF on the MSCI China Index is a convenient and easy instrument for investing in one of the world"s largest economy." 


FinEx ETF specialises in ETFs and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the FinEx Group, an investment management company that offers both passive and actively managed investment products. The FinEx Group had AUM of more than USD 1 bln on 31 December 2012. FinEx ETF focuses on investments and investors in EMs.

For further information, please contact the Public Relations Department at (495) 363-3232.