21.10.2022 12:44

Moscow Exchange rolls out fastest-ever protocols for access and data distribution on Equity & Bonds and FX Markets

Moscow Exchange continues to improve its line of technological services for clients as it strives to meet the highest industry standards.

In October, Moscow Exchange introduced new low-latency protocols for market data distribution (SIMBA ASTS) and market access (FIFO TWIME ASTS) on the Equity & Bonds as well as FX Markets. The new services – in-house solutions on the part of Moscow Exchange – were designed for banks, brokers, and algorithmic and high-frequency traders using MOEX colocation in its data centre.

SIMBA ASTS is the fastest market data feed available for the Equity & Bonds and FX Markets. The protocol is based on Simple Binary Encoding, which significantly speeds up the process of obtaining and processing market data by clients’ trading algorithms.

The main advantages of the service are:

  • Speed which is far superior to all existing protocols;
  • Unified message formats;
  • An ability to quickly assess movements of the best prices;
  • A dedicated high-speed network infrastructure in the colocation area.

Moscow Exchange introduced a similar service for derivatives last year. The Exchange is offering a 50 per cent discount on the Equity & Bonds, FX and Derivatives market data feed until the end of 2022.

FIFO TWIME ASTS is a new protocol used to access the FX and Equity & Bonds Markets that significantly accelerates the delivery and processing of trade orders compared with the previous FIFO MFIX Trade protocol.

The new service is able to transmit orders to the trading system without waiting for a response on the processing of a previous order (asynchronous order delivery), making trading more convenient for high-speed traders. Strict first-in-first-out (FIFO) compliance improves the transparency and predictability of the exchange’s IT infrastructure.

The former FIFO MFIX Trade protocol has been decommissioned.

The new services deliver the best possible IT solution for clients of the Equity & Bonds and FX Markets, whose trading strategies are extremely sensitive to the speed of the market data feed and order entry latency.


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