05.05.2014 18:20

Moscow Exchange's turnover at RUB 41.7 bln in April 2014

Moscow Exchange's turnover was RUB 41.7 bln in April 2014 (April 2013: RUB 42.4 bln).

Equities & Bonds

Secondary market turnover in stocks, RDRs, and investment fund units totalled RUB 952 bln (April 2013: RUB 796 bln). The average daily turnover was RUB 43.3 bln (April 2013: RUB 36.2 bln).

Corporate and sovereign bond turnover was RUB 759 bln (April 2013: RUB 1,331 bln). The average daily turnover was RUB 34.5 bln (April 2013: RUB 60.5 bln).

A total of 15 new bond issues with a combined value of RUB 45 bln were placed during April.


Derivatives market turnover was RUB 4.3 trln (April 2013: RUB 5.4 trln), or 107 mln contracts (April 2013: 128 mln contracts), of which RUB 3.9 trln were futures and RUB 341 bln were options.

Open interest was RUB 540 bln at the end of the month (April 2013: RUB 392 bln).

FX market

FX market turnover was RUB 18.6 trln (April 2013: RUB 15.2 trln), including spot trades of RUB 5.8 trln (31.4% of the total) and swap trades of RUB 12.8 trln (68.6%).
The FX market's average daily turnover was RUB 845 bln (April 2013: RUB 691 bln).

Money market 

Money market turnover totalled RUB 17.0 trln (April 2013: RUB 19.4 trln). The average daily turnover was RUB 775 bln (April 2013: 881 bln).

The volume of repo transactions with the CCP reached a record RUB 1.5 trln. Average daily turnover was RUB 66.2 bln.


About Moscow Exchange

OJSC Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS ("MOEX") operates Russia's largest public trading markets for equity, bond, derivative, foreign exchange and money market products, as well as Russia's Central Securities Depository (CSD) and the country's largest clearing service provider, National Clearing Centre. At the end of 2012, it ranked among the world's top-20 exchanges for equity trading by market capitalization and among the top-10 for bond trading by trading volume and for exchange-traded derivatives by number of contracts traded. Moscow Exchange has 716 issuers listed on its securities exchange, including many of Russia's largest companies.

Moscow Exchange was formed in December 2011 as a result of a merger between Russia's two main exchange groups. The merger brought together MICEX Group, the oldest domestic exchange and operator of the leading securities, foreign exchange and money market platform in Russia, and the RTS Group, at the time the operator of Russia's leading derivatives market. This combination created a vertically integrated public trading market across most major asset classes. Following the merger the company became an open joint stock company (OJSC) and was named Moscow Exchange. Moscow Exchange completed an initial public offering of its shares on 15 February 2013.

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