31.10.2014 13:02

Derivatives Market activity reaches record

Moscow Exchange"s Derivatives Market saw record volumes on 30 October on the back of increased FX Market volatility and the strengthening rouble. "Derivatives Market instruments, particularly FX futures and options, are especially relevant at the moment as they allow for hedging against FX risks", said Moscow Exchange Derivatives Market Managing Director Roman Sulzhyk.

The total trading volume on 30 October was RUB 617 bln, or 13.8 mln contracts, a record since the Derivatives Market was launched (the previous record had been set in September 2012).  October"s average daily trading volume was RUB 245 bln. 

USD/RUB futures trading totaled RUB 362.4 bln, or 8.4 mln contracts, on 30 October. Options on USD/RUB futures reached a record volume of RUB 69.2 bln, or 1.5 mln contracts.

Open interest on the Derivatives Market totaled RUB 717 bln, 18.1 mln contracts, at the end of the trading day, of which RUB 387 bln, or 11.2 mln contracts, was FX futures.

Open interest in FX options was RUB 266.1 bln (USD 6.2 bln), or 6 mln contracts.

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