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Moscow Exchange Trading Volumes in December 2023

In December 2023, total trading volumes across Moscow Exchange’s markets was RUB 139.6 trln (RUB 94.6 trln in December 2022). The total trading volume for the full year 2023 was RUB 1.3 quadrillion (RUB 1.1 quadrillion for 2022).

Equity & Bond Market

Total trading volume on the Equity and Bond Market in December 2023 was RUB 4,893.7 bln (December 2022: RUB 4,206.9 bln), hereinafter excluding overnight bonds.

Trading volume in shares, DRs and investment fund units was RUB 2,094 bln (December 2022: RUB 789 bln). ADTV was RUB 99.7 bln.

Trading volume in corporate, regional and sovereign bonds was RUB 2,800 bln (December 2022: RUB 3,418 bln). ADTV was RUB 133.3 bln.

113 new bond issues with a combined value of RUB 3,289 bln (of which overnight bonds accounted for RUB 1,712.3 bln) were placed in December 2023.

Derivatives Market

The trading volume was RUB 8,808 bln (December 2022: RUB 4,741 bln). ADTV was RUB 419.4 bln.

FX Market

The trading volume was RUB 38,659 bln (December 2022: RUB 21,005 bln), with spot trades reaching RUB 11,621 bln and swap trades and forwards totaling RUB 27,038 bln.

ADTV was RUB 1,840.9 bln.

Money Market

Money Market turnover was RUB 85,433 bln (December 2022: RUB 63,372 bln). ADTV was RUB 4,068.3 bln.

The CCP-cleared repo segment reached RUB 36,653 bln, including the GCC repo segment which totalled RUB 26,088 bln.

Precious Metals Market

Turnover in precious metals (spot and swaps) was RUB 57.3 bln (December 2022: RUB 19.0 bln), of which RUB 56.6 bln (9.8 t) was gold and RUB 0.7 bln (9.8 t) was silver.

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