Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to monitor trading in Moscow Exchange Group markets simultaneously by subscribing to the Moscow Exchange Information Services?

Yes. To do so, install the specialized MICEX Web Client program on your computer to view Market Data during trading on Moscow Exchange. The program allows you to simultaneously view all of the Moscow Exchange trading floors in real time in the course of trading, including the best quotes and trades and analytical information in the form of charts.

2. I am leaving for a business trip. As I am the only employee at our organization in charge of the Moscow Exchange Information subscription and the date for renewing the subscription falls during my absence, may I renew the subscription in advance?

Yes. To do so, execute a new order without waiting for the expiration of the previous one. The order must contain the desired date of connection to Moscow Exchange Information Units. You can find information on all of your orders under execution, valid orders, and archived orders in the Registered User’s Area of the Moscow Exchange Internet Server.

3. To what fax number should I send the confirmation of the effected payment for the Moscow Exchange Information subscription?

Fax: +7 495 705–96–45

4. We have paid for the subscription. When will we get access to Market data?

Access is provided on the day after the payment confirmation is received.

5. Our organization’s mailing address has changed. What should we do?

Enter the Registered User’s Area and make the appropriate changes in the Details section.