MOEX Trade Info

MOEX Trade Info is a specialized analytical terminal to view market data from all the Moscow Exchange Group markets. Both online and historical data is available.

This program enables users to receive the following information:

  • current status of trading with changes indicated;
  • best quotes;
  • all trades list;
  • consolidated tables with aggregate trading volumes;
  • trading results archive.

This application is built on the same platform as the Moscow Exchange Trader terminals, so it provides the variety of customization options, charting capabilities, real-time export into databases or MS Excel.

To monitor the course of trading on Moscow Exchange in real time you need to subscribe to the information Units you are interested in.

In the absence of subscription you can follow the course of trading with a 15-minute delay. The minimum data refresh interval is 1 second for the paid subscribers and 15 seconds in the free mode.

Note 1: Data on Moscow Exchange stock indices and aggregate trading turnover are provided for free (without delay).

Note 2: To receive delayed data select the "Anonymous" connection option after the program startup.

Please send your comments, proposals, and suggestions for the MOEX Trade Info program to

Download MOEX Trade Info (32-bit)

Download MOEX Trade Info (64-bit)