Dedicated Access Server

Dedicated Gateway located in the Client network is used as transactional hub between the Client Front End system and the Moscow Exchange Trading system.

Key advantages include:

  • Reduced bandwidth utilization between the Client system and Exchange infrastructure since trading information from the Exchange is cached on the Dedicated Access server located in the Client network.
  • No limited delay between consequent data requests to the Exchange (for shared access servers request rate should not exceed 1 poll per second).
  • Number of end user connected to the Front End system is not limited by the network channel bandwidth between the Client system and the Exchange.
  • Reserved channel between the Dedicated Gateway providing redundant connectivity to the Exchange.
Dedicated Gateway
Direct access to Equities (main sector), FXCommodities and Treasuries.
FORTS Access Server
Direct access to Derivatives market
RTS Access Server
Direct access to Standard and Classica sectors of Equity market



For more information about the service and hardware configuration please contact us.