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Moscow Exchange Group offers wide range of professional solutions designed for Moscow Exchange markets access using contemporary technological resources and provision of efficient and secure electronic trading services.

Network connectivity

Remote connectivity to MOEX facility through authorized Network Service Providers, global financial networks, dedicated L2 lines (ConnectME), MOEX Global points of presence or over the internet, is a direct connection to the MOEX facility with optimized latency.

Co-location in the Exchange facility

Co-location in the Moscow Exchange data centers in closest proximity to the MOEX Trading Systems offers reliable and secure ultra low latency access to the markets.

DMA interfaces

Use MOEX native API (ASTS Bridge, PlazaII) or standard (FIX/FAST) interfaces to securely organize order messaging and market data flow.

FIFO FIX is recommended for HFT and latency-sensitive trading on MOEX Securities and FX markets.

TWIME is recommended for HFT and latency-sensitive trading on MOEX Derivatives market in combination with SIMBA – the fastest derivatives market data feed.

Test environment

Our customer development environment is fully available for client software  testing, development and certification using standard or customized configuration.

Dedicated Access Servers

Dedicated access server located in the Client network works as transactional hub between the Client Front End system and the Moscow Exchange Trading system to improve performance between the Client and the Exchange.

Exchange Terminals

Proprietary client software solutions specifically designed for Moscow markets and fully supporting Moscow Exchange Electronic Trading and Clearing System functionality.


Specialised applied services and services from a certification centre that enable the protected use of electronic documents when concluding transactions or performing other legally valid actions.

Additional solutions

Simulation server, Margin calculation module, Information services, Historical data.

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