Technical requirements

For connectivity through dedicated networks (Universal Connectivity Scheme or ConnectME services) the following software and hardware configuration is required. 

Equipment requirements

MOEX requires Cisco Systems routers to be installed on the client side. Such routers will be supporting MOEX dedicated network segments and managed by MOEX netops. The following models are recommended: ISR4200, ISR4300, ISR4400 with IPBase license.

MOEX allows connectivity monitoring from the client side providing DATA license is purchased in addition to IPBase license. The service comes at no additional charge but is a subject to approval by MOEX netops team.

Recommended router models depending on channel bandwidth:

  • up to   20 Mbps - Cisco ISR4221 with the base IPBase license
  • up to   35 Mbps - Cisco ISR4321 or ISR4221 with FL-4220-PERF-K9 license
  • up to   75 Mbps - Cisco ISR4331 or ISR4321 with FL-4320-PERF-K9 license
  • up to  175 Mbps - Cisco ISR4351 or ISR4331 with FL-4330-PERF-K9 license
  • up to  450 Mbps - Cisco ISR4431 or ISR4351 with FL-4350-PERF-K9 license
  • up to  900 Mbps - Cisco ISR4451 or ISR4431 with FL-44-PERF-K9 license
  • up to 1900 Mbps - Cisco ISR4451 with FL-44-PERF-K9 license

At least two available physical Ethernet ports are required to setup the connection.

For Redundant Universal Connectivity scheme (which implies two dedicated network channels and two routers used) - models equipped with three Ethernet ports are recommended.

Other Cisco models can also be supported but should be pre-approved by MOEX netops team.

Network bandwidth recommendations

Without using FAST UDP multicast marketdata:

  • Recommended bandwidth - 10 Mbps.
  • Minimum bandwidth requirements for stable performance of Terminals (GUI) and APIs:
    • Equity & Bond market: at least 2 Mbps;
    • FX market: at least 2 Mbps;
    • Derivatives market: at least 4 Mbps.

When using FAST UDP multicast* marketdata

Minimum required bandwidth to avoid packet loss:

  • Equity & Bond market: 15 - 50 Mbps for each copy A and B depending on the set of feeds used.
  • FX market: 15 - 50 Mbps for each copy A and B depending on the set of feeds used.
  • Derivatives market: at least 15 Mbps.
    • Additional Full orders log service - minimum required bandwidth is 50 Mbps.

If you plan to receive FAST market data from several markets (Equity & Bond / FX / Derivatives), the overall bandwidth requirement should be calculated as a sum of recommended bandwidth values of all markets to be used.

For more details refer to the Load Test Report.

* Your network carrier must support the UDP multicast technology.

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