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Initial EDI connection method for new EDI participants

  1. Sign and stamp two copies of the EDI system participation agreement.

To conclude a contract, Moscow Exchange should be provided with the following documentation or appropriately certified copies:

The aforementioned documentation or appropriately certified copies are provided only if they have not been provided previously.

  1. Create and provide the Client centre of the Moscow Exchange with an application for ESVKC  production and the power of attorney in the name of the ESVKC owner
  2. Get access to User account on the EDI Provider’s website at The procedure for obtaining access to the user account is described in the document "User account. "User Manual".
  3. In accordance with the instruction "CA services in User account. User Manual" install the required software on the client computer and perform the initial creation of the certificate.
  4. Print out the request for the creation of ESVKC on paper, sign it with the certificate owner and send this document to the address: 125009, Moscow Bolshoy Kislovsky lane, house 13, Moscow Exchange.
  5. Pay for EDI organiser services in accordance with the tariffs (see the Tariffs) and payment method based on accounts provided by the EDI organiser.
  6. After changing the status of application for certificate production in the User account to "Certificate issued", activate the new working key in the User account.
  7. Sign and return to the EDI administrator one copy of the ESVKC in the form of a document in hard copy.