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Procedure for scheduled change of EDI participant's cryptographic keys

  1. In the EDI System, secure (secret) cryptographic keys are valid for one year.
  2. An EDI participant must create new secure (secret) cryptographic keys several days (we recommend five-six calendar days) before the expiration of the old ones, using the menu " Planned certificate substitution "in the section" Services of CA" of User account. At this step it is possible to specify the required Sphere of application for the new ESVKC. If the  power of attorney on the owner of the certificate existing on behalf of the legal entity has expired, a new power of attorney is to be created and sent to the EDI Administrator.
  3. Pay for EDI organiser services in accordance with the tariffs (see the Tariffs) and payment method based on accounts provided by the EDI organiser.
  4. After changing the status of request for certificate production in the User account to "Certificate issued", activate the new working key in the User account.
  5. Sign and return to the EDI administrator one copy of the ESVKC in the form of a document in hard copy.