Hosted ASTS Bridge

Hosted ASTS Bridge is the service that allows Moscow Exchange clients to avoid installing the server component of the ASTS Bridge software on the client side. Bridge server component is deployed on the Exchange side and is used for remote client software connections.

Trading members can connect its software solutions to the ASTS trading platform (Equity & Bond, FX and Money Markets) via the universal ASTS Bridge API designed by MOEX. This connectivity option allows more flexible network connectivity instead of having to install Client trading systems in DMZ network segment. This option is much easier in terms of technical implementation.

Network solutions to access Hosted ASTS Bridge:

  • Universal Scheme
  • ConnectME
  • Internet data exchange security and confidentiality are ensured by applying certified cryptographic security tools and digital signature)

Hosted ASTS Bridge service benefits:

  • No need to install in-house ASTS bridge server, neither purchase and install ASTS Bridge license nor organize the maintenance & support for this server
  • No need to install systems in DMZ network segment
  • Convenient, off-the-shelf solution for clients that allows reducing IT infrastructure expenses and risks
  • Reliability: MOEX’s servers are backed up; maintenance & support as well as real-time monitoring are provided by MOEX specialists


Tariffs for API connections

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Technical support:
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