MOEX - RSPP Sustainability Vector Index


Intraday net asset value of the fund (iNAV)
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previous name - MICEX Index
(Additional Trading Session)
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Index calculation is discontinued on December 12, 2016 Index calculation is discontinued on December 22, 2017

Index with calculation base including shares of companies, which show the best dynamics of indicators in the field of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.

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Index code MRSV
Bloomberg code MRSV
Reuters code .MRSV
ISIN code RU000A1008N6
Index type Capitalization-weighted, with free-float coefficients. Based on the ruble-denominated prices of shares
Number of stocks-constituents Varies
Time of calculation (Moscow time) 18:50
Publication intervals Once a day
First calculated on December 30th, 2011
Initial value 1000
Weight restriction in the Index for an individual stock Proportionally to their position in the "Vector of sustainable development" rating, formed by the RSPP
Period when the list of stocks-index constituents changes Changes in the list of index constituents take effect once a year