MOEX Oil and Gas Total Return Indices

Moscow Exchange Total Return Indices are indices that are designed to represent the overall return of its constituents, i.e. their capital performance and income from reinvesting dividends.

The Exchange calculates the following variants of the Total Return Indices subject to dividend income taxation: with gross dividends, with net dividends (at income tax rate applicable to non-resident or Russian corporate investors).



Index type Total Return Index
Time of calculation (Moscow time) 18:50
Publication intervals One time per day
Period when the list of stocks-index constituents changes Changes in the list of index constituents take effect on the 3rd Friday of March, June, September, December
First calculated on 30.12.2013
Initial value 3491,14
Currency RUB
Index name Code Bloomberg ID Reuters ID ISIN
MOEX Oil and Gas Total Return Index MEOGTR MEOGTR .MEOGTR RU000A100JZ2
MOEX Oil and Gas Net Total Return (Non-Resident) Index MEOGTRN MEOGTRN .MEOGTRN RU000A100K15
MOEX Oil and Gas Net Total Return (Resident) Index MEOGTRR MEOGTRR .MEOGTRR RU000A100K07