22.07.2015 17:32

Planned release and public testing of the FX Market platform

The next release of the ASTS Trading and Clearing System of the Moscow Exchange FX market is scheduled to go live on 27 July 2015.

In this version we implement support for client sponsored direct market access (SDMA) and make changes to comply with the new Central Bank's regulations. As part of this release we update the ASTS Bridge IFC_Broker24 interface, make small changes in CUX22, CUX23, CUX33 XML-reports and add the new CUX24 report. FIX Drop Copy, FIX Trade Capture and FAST UDP multicast marketdata server software will be also updated. That does not affect FIX/FAST client interfaces.

The opportunity to use SDMA and changes in XML reports will be available starting from 3 August 2015 when the new edition of trading rules will come into effect.

This Saturday, 25 July, public testing of this version of the system will be performed on the production infrastructure.

Tentative testing schedule (Moscow time):

11:15 - The system is available for connection.

11:30 - Trading session start.

12:15-12:45 - Order collection for the SWAP auction with the Central Bank.

13:30 - SWAP auction order matching.

If you would like to join this testing please send an e-mail to help@moex.com, including your User IDs and contact information.

Please remember to disconnect all your production systems to avoid receiving test market data during the tests on this weekend.

If you need to test the SDMA functions please include the following additional information:

1. Master ID1 and/or Master ID2 (either existing user IDs or should we create new temporary IDs).

2. SMA User ID (existing or new).

3. Trading/clearing account to link to SMA ID (existing or new).

4. Client code.

5. Optional: enable Cancel on Disconnect for SMA ID.

6. Optional: enable Cancel on Drop-Copy Disconnect for SMA ID.

For further information, please contact the Public Relations Department at (495) 363-3232.