Segregation on the Derivatives Market

Moscow Exchange and the NCC Clearing Bank offer segregated accounts (defined as "segregated brokerage companies" in the Clearing Rules) to Derivatives Market members. 


  • Client positions are recorded and assets are kept separately;
  • Margin is segregated individually for client positions and orders;
  • Withdrawal of cash is safe (only via an instruction from the client and only to bank accounts specified by the client);
  • An option is available to transfer positions and assets to other clearing firm;
  • Client assets are safeguarded against bankruptcy of the clearing firm.  

The service allows end clients to reduce their credit and infrastructure risks associated with operations on the Russian market.

Materials about the service


  1. Agreement on performing the functions of the Authorized Account Owner (doc, 49Kb)
  2. Application to set up a Segregated Brokerage Company (doc, 42Kb)
  3. Application to register Segregated Brokerage Firm Deposit Account (doc, 41Kb)
  4. Application to register Segregated Brokerage Firm Deposit Account in foreign currency (doc, 41Kb)
  5. Application to return cash collateral registered for the Segregated Brokerage Company (doc, 40Kb)

Other documents are published in relevant parts of the Moscow Exchange site.


Commission in the amount of 120 roubles is deducted monthly for the generation of reports (at the end of clearing) for the main register of the Segregated Broker account.

Contact information

Please contact us by phone +7 (495) 363-3232,
Alexander Ezhov, ext. 26061,

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