12.09.2016 10:58

Annual load testing of Moscow Exchange trading and clearing systems

Moscow Exchange would like to remind you about public load testing scheduled for 24 September 2016 for FX, Derivatives and Equity markets trading and clearing systems with trade participants.

If you would like to participate in system testing, please email your request to help@moex.com before 17:00 MSK on 22 September 2016. Your request should contain the following details:

1. Contact person responsible for testing.

2. Broker.

3. Login and clearing register used for testing.

4. IP address.

5. If dedicated FORTS access server is used, please provide its IP address.

Please note that we do not recommend using dedicated access servers during this load testing. Clients who have not submitted their request on time will not be allowed to participate in load testing.

Clients who have already submitted their requests are already accepted for testing.

Please pay attention to the testing admission procedure:

1. For all Plaza2 API logins and trading terminals participating in testing the passwords will be reset to 12345.

2. Connection hosts in client_router.ini should be set to:

Leased lines/Colo:





direct= 4101

High-frequency data feeds connections:





Please ensure your client_router.ini settings and passwords are reset to production once the testing is complete.

3. Addresses and TargetCompId for FIX connections should be set to:


Address - : 6001,  TargetCompId   - FD

Drop copy

Address  - : 6002, TargetCompId -   DD

4. Connection hosts for TWIME should be set to 9000


Address - 9000

Recovery service 

Address - 9001 

For further information, please contact the Public Relations Department at (495) 363-3232.