01.03.2019 19:15

Revised lists of the Moscow Exchange Indices announced

Moscow Exchange announced today the results of the quarterly review for MOEX indices. All changes will be implemented from 22 March 2018. The Exchange has also set free floats for a number of companies.

Mechel (ords) will be removed from the MOEX Russia Index and the RTS Index.

Depositary receipts of the foreign issuer En+ Group plc are considered for being included from the indices. TMK (ords) are considered for being excluded from the indices. 

The constituent list of the Blue Chip Index will remain unchanged.

Buryatzoloto (ords) and Khimprom (prefs) will be included into the Broad Market Index, while Russian Aquaculture (ords) will be removed from the index.

RusHydro (ords) will be added to the SMID Index. NCSP (ords) and "IDGC of Centre" (ords) will be removed from the SMID Index.

Russian Aquaculture (ords) will be deleted from the Consumer & Retail Index. 

Constituents of the MOEX 10 Index will remain unchanged.

Summary table of changes in the Moscow Exchange Indices' Constituents Lists

Index Included Excluded
MOEX Russia Index, RTS Index   Mechel PAO, Ordinary shares
Broad Market Index PJSC "Buryatzoloto", Ordinary shares PJSC "Russian Aquaculture", Ordinary shares
Khimprom' PJSC, Preferred shares  
Consumer & Retail Index   PJSC "Russian Aquaculture", Ordinary shares
SMID Index PJSC "RusHydro", Ordinary shares PJSC "NCSP", Ordinary shares
  "IDGC of  Centre", PJSC, Ordinary shares

Summary table of changes in number of shares employed in the calculation of the Moscow Exchange Indices and included in the waiting lists, as well as free-float coefficients

Ticker Issuer

Current number
of shares

New number
of shares



AFLT PJSC "Aeroflot", Ordinary shares 1 110 616 299   45% 41%
CHEP PJSC "Chelpipe", Ordinary shares 472 382 880   7% 2%
NVTK JSC "NOVATEK", Ordinary shares 3 036 306 000   24% 21%
OBUV OR PJSC, Ordinary shares 113 056 000   39% 32%
SFIN PJSC "SFI", Ordinary shares 111 637 791   43% 40%
RUSP PJSC "Ruspolymet", Ordinary shares 5 012 985 740     9%
VSYDP PJSC "VSY", Ordinary shares 51 839     64%
VZRZ V.Bank, Ordinary shares 23 748 694   7% 4%
VZRZP V.Bank, Preferred shares 1 294 505     90%
POLY Polymetal International plc, Shares of a foreign issuer 455 881 730 469 368 309 38%  
TGKD PJSC "Quadra - Power Generation", Ordinary shares 1 912 505 577 759 1 912 495 577 759 14%  

From 22 March 2019, the following shares will be under consideration:

Under consideration to be added to Moscow Exchange indices:

No Ticker Issuer Index
1 ENPL En+ Group plc, DR  (Issuer  Citibank, N.A.) MOEX Russia and RTS Index
2 BELU Beluga Group, Ordinary shares

Broad Market Index


3 RKKE RSC Energia, Ordinary shares
4 SLEN PJSC "Sakhalinenergo", Ordinary shares
5 ZVEZ PJSC "ZVEZDA", Ordinary shares
6 RUSP PJSC "Ruspolymet", Ordinary shares
7 LIFE PJSC "Pharmsynthez", Ordinary shares
8 PRFN PAO "Chelyabinski zavod PROFNASTIL", Ordinary shares
9 VZRZP V.Bank, Preferred shares
10 BLNG Belon, Ordinary shares
11 VSYDP PJSC "VSY", Ordinary shares

Under consideration to be removed from Moscow Exchange indices:

No Ticker Issuer Index
1 TRMK TMK, Ordinary shares MOEX Russia and RTS Index
2 TGKN PJSC "TGC-14", Ordinary shares Broad Market Index
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