31.03.2020 15:47

Moscow Exchange to waive connectivity charges for new terminals until 1 June

Given that many employees of banks, brokers and other companies are working from home, Moscow Exchange will not charge one-off and monthly fees for all new technical access IDs for MOEX Trade terminals on the Equity & Bond, FX and Money Markets for the period 1 April-1 June 2020.

A professional market participant typically has 4-5 remote terminals to access MOEX markets. In the current conditions, MOEX customers are instructing their employees to work remotely and duplicating existing connections to the markets. The Exchange typically enrolls up to 40 new users per month, but at the present time it is registering as many as ten access IDs daily.

These favorable pricing terms will help market participants facilitate the migration of their infrastructure to remote sites and reduce their costs.

Please click here for further details on MOEX connectivity and here for contact details.

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