26.02.2021 18:11

Moscow Exchange to add new options to trade after hours on the Equity Market

From 1 March 2021, Moscow Exchange will provide more benefits to banks, brokers and their clients trading after-hours on MOEX’s Equity Market.

The list of instruments available for evening trading will likely be extended to include shares of open-end, interval and closed-end mutual funds. These instruments will be traded in three currencies: RUB, USD and EUR. On 21 December 2020, the Exchange made more trading modes available for trading in shares of open-end, interval and closed-end mutual funds with settlement in USD and EUR.

The closed-end IPO Fund managed by East-West Asset Management (RU000A101NK4) will be the first fund introduced into the after-hours session on MOEX. The fund will be traded in RUB. Freedom Finance will act as a market maker, also during evening trading. 

Furthermore, from 1 March, banks and brokers trading after hours will gain an opportunity to make repo transactions, negotiated transactions, and negotiated transactions with the central counterparty (CCP) across all instruments admitted to trading in MOEX’s Equity Market (except bonds) using a single trading account. Currently, these types of trades are not available for trading securities not admitted to the evening session. The addition of these options will help facilitate operations of professional market participants and streamline their services for clients trading on the Equity Market.

After-hours trading on the Equity Market was launched on 22 June 2020. In 2020, the evening session generated 8% of the total equity turnover on MOEX. 125 instruments are currently available for evening trading, including Russian and international shares, ETFs and Russian-law ETFs as well as shares of open-end, interval and closed-end mutual funds.

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