03.06.2013 15:27

The Government Bond Index reviewed

Effective 3 June, 2013 a reviewed list of bonds for the Government Bond Index came into force. The reviewed list includes the following eight Russian Federation Government bonds (OFZ):

No Bond State registration number
1 OFZ 25068 25068RMFS
2 OFZ 25079 25079RMFS
3 OFZ 26202 26202RMFS
4 OFZ 26205 26205RMFS
5 OFZ 26207 26207RMFS
6 OFZ 26209 26209RMFS
7 OFZ 26211 26211RMFS
8 OFZ 26212 26212RMFS

For reference:

The Government Bond Indices and yield indicators for the government bonds are calculated by the Moscow Exchange based on the information on trades in Russian Federation Government bonds (OFZ) admitted to trading in the Moscow Exchange. The Indices track changes in market value of the government bonds. They include three indices: Russian Government Bond Index (RGBI, clean price index), Russian Government Bond Index — Gross (RGBI-g, grossprice index), Russian Government Bond Index — Total Return (RGBI-tr, total return index). The Indices are calculated on a continuous, real-time basis during the Exchange"s trading sessions as trades in the bonds from the constituent list are executed. The yield indicators are calculated once a day as of the close of the market.

The indices were introduced on December 31, 2002 with base values of 100 points. For more information, please visit the Exchange"s website.

For further information, please contact the Public Relations Department at (495) 363-3232.

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