14.02.2022 18:41

21 February 2022 is non-trading day for international shares on MOEX

On 21 February 2022, no trading of shares of international companies will take place on Moscow Exchange, due to holidays in the US.

Under MOEX’s trading rules, US securities are not available for trading on Russian trading days that are non-business and non-trading days in the US.

Since 21 February is a non-settlement day for USD-denominated securities, trades in US shares will not be available for settlement in USD and RUB (except repo and negotiated transactions with settlement in RUB).

21 February a non-settlement day for other securities denominated in USD. Settlement of repo transactions with the CCP in USD will not be available.

Moscow Exchange launched trading in foreign securities on 24 August 2020. Currently, shares and depositary receipts of 680 leading international companies are available for trading on MOEX.

Trading Calendar for the MOEX Equity & Bond Market

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