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06.06.2022 15:16

Trading on Moscow Exchange markets

Moscow Exchange’s primary objective is to ensure the smooth operation of financial markets and reliable transactions for participants. In the face of new challenges, Moscow Exchange will continue to provide clients with access to all of its markets.

Moscow Exchange markets will operate in accordance with current procedures:

  • The Securities Market (shares, bonds, mutual funds) operates as usual.
  • Securities suspended by international clearing houses will remain subject to restrictions on transactions in the central order book (buying/selling), as effective since 24 March 2022. These securities are available for negotiated transactions (also with the CCP) as well as repo transactions (also with the CCP). Investors should note that the suspension of transactions in securities by international clearing organizations restricts holders’ rights to receive income on those securities.
  • Trading in securities of international issuers whose operational and economic activity takes place mainly in Russia will continue unrestricted.
  • The FX Market will operate as usual for all instruments. From 6 June 2022, the NCC is amending settlement and collateral management procedures.
  • The Money, Derivatives, Commodities, Precious Metals and Standartised OTC Derivatives Market will operate as usual.

Moscow Exchange Group has all the necessary tools to ensure that trading in a highly volatile environment continues interrupted, including discrete auctions and mechanisms to promptly change risk parameters.

The NSD continues to act as a securities settlement depository and settlement organisation for all trades made on Moscow Exchange.

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