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07.06.2022 20:12

Moscow Exchange announces AGM results

On 6 June 2022 Moscow Exchange (MOEX) re-held its Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) with absentee voting.

Shareholders approved the Company's 2021 Annual Report for FY 2021.

Following a recommendation from the Supervisory Board, shareholders voted not to pay a dividend for 2021. This decision is based on the Company’s current dividend policy, which stipulates that Mosow Exchange Group companies should prioritise compliance with regulatory capital requirements over dividend distributions. Moscow Exchange’s Dividend Policy remains unchanged.

Shareholders voted to appoint 12 directors to the Board:

  1. Valery Goreglyad, Non-Executive Director.
  2. Sergey Lykov, Non-Executive Director.
  3. Alexander Magomedov, Independent Director.
  4. Oleg Malyshev, Independent Director.
  5. Mikhail Matovnikov, Non-Executive Director.
  6. Vasiliy Medvedev, Non-Executive Director.
  7. Alexander Morozov, Non-Executive Director.
  8. Marina Pochinok, Independent Director.
  9. Stanislav Prokofiev, Non-Executive Director.
  10. Oskar Hartmann, Independent Director.
  11. Vladimir Shapovalov, Non-Executive Director.
  12. Sergey Shvetsov, Non-Executive Director.

TSATR – Audit Services LLC (previously Ernst & Young LLC) was appointed as the auditor to audit Moscow Exchange’s financial and business activities for 2022.

Moscow Exchange counts more than 496,000 individuals and in excess of 1,000 legal entities as its shareholders. The company's free float stands at 63%.

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