01.07.2015 18:38

Precious metals traded for RUB 8 billion in June

In June, turnover of gold and silver on the Moscow Exchange's Precious Metals Markets grew 2060% YoY to RUB 8.06 bln. Around 3.8 t of gold were sold.

Two new member firms joined the market, bringing the total number of member firms to 57, of which 47 are banks and ten are investment companies.

On 25 June 2015, the Moscow Exchange Group's project on the organization of the on-exchange precious metals trading was awarded "Best New Instrument" at the prestigious NAUFOR"s Stock Market Elite 2014 Contest for professionals.

Moscow Exchange trading volumes, RUB:

  June 2015 June 2014 January – June 2015 January – June 2014
Gold 8,054,982,088.40 365,905,281.70 32,509,025,409.70 2,310,011,903.10
Silver 4,123,674.00 7,972,170.00 25,946,513.00 39,910,559.00

Moscow Exchange trading volumes, kg:

  June 2015 June 2014 January – June 2015 January – June 2014
Gold 3,881.4 255.9 15,143.6 1,568.6
Silver 143.7 365.4 792.1 1,796.0

Moscow Exchange launched spot gold and silver trading in October 2013. Precious metals are delivered to trading members' unallocated precious metals accounts with the National Clearing Centre, which acts as the CCP, clearing house, and settlement house, and facilitates bullion deposits/withdrawals at two Moscow-based vaulting facilities. The market's total trading volume was RUB 16.4 bln in 2014.

For further information, please contact the Public Relations Department at (495) 363-3232.

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