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Securities as collateral

National Clearing Center (NCC) can accept as Initial Margin for derivatives trading those securities that are included into the List of securities eligible as Collateral which if formed in accordance with the Methodology for selecting and estimating foreign currencies and securities.

List of securities eligible as Collateral

type, category and class of the security
Maximum allowed number
of securities per Clearing
Member, units
PJSC "LUKOIL", shares 31 000 NSD
Sberbank, shares 1 200 000 NSD
Sberbank, priviliged shares 130 000 NSD
"Surgutneftegaz" PJSC, shares 1 000 000 NSD
Rosneft, shares 220 000 NSD
PJSC "GAZPROM", shares 1 300 000 NSD
VTB Bank (PJSC), shares 920 000 000 NSD
PAO Severstal, shares 36 000 NSD
PJSC "ALROSA", shares 470 000 NSD
PJSC "TATNEFT", shares 150 000 NSD
Transneft, preferred shares 64 NSD
"FGC UES" PJSC, shares 44 000 000 NSD
PJSC "RusHydro", shares 13 000 000 NSD
MTS PJSC, shares 120 000 NSD

For the NCC to start registering securities as Initial Margin, a Clearing Member or an Owner of the securities account opened with NSD are to open the FORTS Account ("Blocked for clearing. FORTS") and transfer securities thereto.

Procedure for registering securities as collateral for depositors of NSD:

  1. Sign an Agreement as the Account Owner with NCC.
    The Agreement is to be signed provided that the Account Owner is not a Clearing Member in NCC.
  1. Open the FORTS Account.
    Please contact your account manager at NSD for opening the trading section "Blocked for clearing. FORTS".
  1. Notify NCC.
    A Clearing Member submits the Application to link the FORTS Account with the securities register section of the collateral register to NCC.
    If an Owner of the FORTS Account is not a Clearing Member it should submit the Application indicating the Clearing Member to NCC.
    The above-mentioned Applications should be submitted in the electronic form via the Electronic Document Interchange System (FORTS) or in a hard copy signed and stamped by the company's authorized representative. 
  1. Transfer securities to the FORTS Account.
    To transfer securities to the trading section "Blocked for clearing. FORTS", please contact your account manager at NSD.

NCC credits securities registered on the FORTS Accounts in the sections of the clearing registers at the securities estimated value only on the basis of information submitted by NSD.

Return of securities from the FORTS Accounts:

Securities are returned from the FORTS Accounts on the basis of the Instruction filed by an account owner to NSD. NCC permits the return provided that the account balance is sufficient for Clearing Member's obligations to be fulfilled.