Evening trading session

The evening trading session is held from 7:05 pm – 11:50 pm MSK. During the session, all Moscow Exchange futures and options contracts are traded as usual. Trades executed during the session are cleared at 2:00 pm MSK during the next day"s intraday clearing session.

The evening trading session allows all investor categories to implement a range of interesting strategies and to protect their investments in Russian assets in case of sharp fluctuations on global markets.

Benefits to investors:

  • Trades based on global news, thus mitigating the effect of morning gaps;
  • Trades based on commodity price trends;
  • Arbitrage strategies on global commodity and stock markets;
  • Hedging investments in Russian shares traded as ADRs and GDRs on all global markets;
  • Trading FX and hedging against its risks in the evening;
  • Combining office work with stock market investing.

Benefits to brokers:

  • Increased client loyalty;
  • Expanded client base due to foreign clients and individuals who could not previously combine investing and work;
  • Increased client activity and thus greater returns;
  • Strengthened competitiveness against FX brokers;
  • Evening investor training on the real market;
  • Training for professionals (traders, brokers, risk managers, market makers, and dealers) on the real, but quieter, market.

Market data for the evening session with 15-minute delay