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Data Originator Location Title Status
6-7 January Goldman Sachs Miami, FL GS Global Energy Conference confirmed
18-19 January  Merrill Lynch London Annual Turkish Equity Conference confirmed
18-19 January UBS Frankfurt, Stockholm Russia Corporate Days  confirmed
20 - 22 January  Deutsche Bank  London DB Access CEEMEA Conference confirmed
20-23 January WEF Davos, Swirzerland World Economic Forum 2016 confirmed
20-21 January Merrill Lynch New York Annual Turkish Equity Conference confirmed
26-27 January   Singapore Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Assembly confirmed
25-29 January CBR quiet period
1 February   Florence, Italy GE Oil & Gas 2016 Annual Meeting confirmed
1-5 February  Sberbank CIB Moscow, Kazakhstan Macro and Financial Trip confirmed
4 February UBS Moscow Russia Corporate Day confirmed
18-19 February UBS Milan The CEEMEA and Italian Financials Conference prelim. confirmed
18-20 February Russian Government Krasnoyarsk Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum confirmed
22-26 February   Houston, Texas CERA Week confirmed
29 February - 2 March JP Morgan Miami, FL Global Emerging Markets Corporate Conference (FI) confirmed
29 February - 2 March BMO Florida Global Metals & Mining Conference confirmed
29 February - 3 March Morgan Stanley San Francisco TMT conference (global) confirmed
2-3 March Merrill Lynch Ft. Lauderdale, FL Annual Global Agriculture Conference confirmed
3-4 March JP Morgan London J.P. Morgan 2016 CEEMEA Conference (equity) confirmed
9-10 March HSBC New York 4th Annual HSBC EEMEA Investor Forum confirmed
10 March Credit Suisse Vienna Investor Forum confirmed
13-15 March CRU Paris    
15-17 March Morgan Stanley London European Financials Conference (global) confirmed
15-16 March Goldman Sachs London Chemicals Conference prelim. confirmed
16-17 March Goldman Sacks tbc CEEMEA Corporate Days prelim. confirmed
11-18 March CBR quiet period
21 March CBR Moscow CBR Quarterly Group Meeting with Institutional Investors confirmed
21-22 March UBS Singapore UBS EMEA and LatAm Corporate Day  confirmed
24 March Goldman Sachs London Consumer Digital & Media Seminar prelim. confirmed
March - April UBS New York UBS Russia & CIS One-on-One Conference dates tbc
4-5 April Citi London 2016 CEEMEA Symposium confirmed
6-7 April Citi New York 2016 CEEMEA Symposium confirmed
11-13 April Raiffeisen Bank Zurs, Austria Raiffeisen Investor Conference confirmed
12 - 13 April Moscow Exchange Moscow Moscow Exchange Forum confirmed
12-14 April   Istanbul The 2nd Eurasian Natural Gas Infrastructure Conference confirmed
13-14 April Merrill Lynch Hertfordshire 15th Annual Oil & Gas Conference confirmed
15-17 April IMF/World Bank Washington IMF and World Bank Spring Meetings confirmed
15-17 April CBR Boston Ad-hoc CBR meetings with investors (on the sidelines of the IMF/WB mtgs in Washington confirmed
22 April Goldman Sachs Frankfurt GS Russia Corporate Day confirmed
18 - 19 April  VTB Capital London VTB Capital Forum. London Session confirmed
19-20 April   Zurich, Switzerland European Gold Forum confirmed
25 - 29 April CBR quiet period
19-20 April YBS San Francisco EMEA Corporate Days confirmed
19-20 April UBS New York EMEA Corporate Days confirmed
9-12 May   Amsterdam Flame 2016 (Oil & Gas) confirmed
10-12 May JP Morgan Singapore CEEMEA & LATAM Forum  confirmed
10-12 May Merrill Lynch Miami, FL Global Metals, Mining & Steel Conference confirmed
11 May Morgan Stanley Frankfurt EEMEA day in Frankfurt  confirmed
11-12 May JP Morgan Singapore, Tokyo JP Morgan CEEMEA & LATAM Forum confirmed
12-13 May Morgan Stanley London 3rd Annual GEMS Conference (EEMEA) confirmed
17-18 May JP Morgan London Global Consumer&Retail Conference confirmed
18-19 May Merrill Lynch London Business Services, Leisure & Transport Conference confirmed
18 May Morgan Stanley Cape Town RMB Morgan Stanley Financials Showcase (EEMEA) confirmed
19 May Morgan Stanley Cape Town RMB Morgan Stanley Banks Showcase (EEMEA) confirmed
23-24 May Morgan Stanley London MS GEM Conference prelim. confirmed
24-25 May Sberbank CIB Moscow Russia: The Inside Track confirmed
27 May Goldman Sachs London Oil Services Sympoisuum prelim. confirmed
31 May Morgan Stanley Cape Town RMB Morgan Stanley Banks and Financials Showcase confirmed
TBC VTB Capital      
June - Dates TBC Deutsche Bank  Paris Global Consumer Conference  prelim. confirmed
1- 3 June Merrill Lynch Miami, FL Emerging Markets Corporate Conference (FI) confirmed
7-8 June Credit Suisse London CS Global Energy Conference confirmed
7-9 June Goldman Sachs Paris 20th Annual European Financials Conference confirmed
7-9 June Merrill Lynch London Global Telecom & Media Conference confirmed
6 - 10 June CBR quiet period
14 June Goldman Sachs London Cable & Convergence Conference prelim. confirmed
14-15 June Merrill Lynch London Utilities & Renewables Conference  
14-16 June Merrill Lynch Los Angeles, CA CalGEMs confirmed
15 June Goldman Sachs London Payments Conference prelim. confirmed
16-18 June Russian Government St Petersburg St Petersburg International Economic Forum confirmed
17 June CBR St Petersburg CBR Quarterly Group Meeting with Institutional Investors confirmed
20-24 June Renaissance Capital Moscow 20th Annual Russia 1:1 Investor Conference confirmed
21-22 June Autonomous Research London Autonomous Banks Rendez-Vous Conference confirmed
23 June Morgan Stanley London European Property Conference confirmed
23 June Credit Suisse tbc Global Agriculture and Chemicals Conference prelim. confirmed
24-26 June Barclays London Barlcays EM Resources Conference confirmed
27-28 June UBS London UBS EMEA One on One Conference confirmed
27-28 June Goldman Sachs London Business Services Conference prelim. confirmed
29 June-2 July CBR St Petersburg International Banking Forum confirmed
13-14 July Morgan Stanley New York 3rd Annual MS GEMs Conference (EEMEA) confirmed
25 - 29 July CBR quiet period
30 - 31 August UBS Moscow UBS Corporate Day confirmed
31 August-1 September Goldman Sachs London Turkish Banks Symposium prelim. confirmed
September - Dates TBC Goldman Sachs Frankfurt Russian Corporate Days  
4-5 September Global initative Hangzhou, China G-20 Summit confirmed
5 September UBS Stockholm Russia Corporate Days  confirmed
6 September UBS Frankfurt Russia Corporate Days  confirmed
7-8 September JP Morgan London JP Morgan Global Oil & Gas Conference confirmed
7-8 September Goldman Sachs New York Global Retail Conference confirmed
7-8 September Goldman Sachs London European Medtech & Healthcare Services Conference prelim. confirmed
5-8 September HSBC London HSBC CEEMEA Investor Forum confirmed
8-9 September Morgan Stanley London Industrials & Natural Resources Conference confirmed
7-8 September Deutsche Bank  New York Global Emerging Markets One-on-One Conference confirmed
12 September Merrill Lynch London Pan European Paper & Packaging confirmed
12 September Goldman Sachs London UK Real Estate Conference prelim. confirmed
12-13 September Credit Suisse London Global Steel & Mining Conference confirmed
12-14 September Morgan Stanley New York Global Healthcare Conference confirmed
13-15 September Credit Suisse New York Basic Materials Conference  
13-16 September Merrill Lynch London Global Healthcare Conference confirmed
12 - 16 September CBR quiet period
15 September Morgan Stanley London European Power and Utility Conference confirmed
16-18 September  Deutsche Bank  Las Vegas Technology Conference  
16-18 September  Credit Suisse New York Global Chemicals & Ag Science Conference (Basic Materials)  
18 September Deutsche Bank  London Global Oil & Gas Conference London  
19-21 September Merrill Lynch London Global Consumer & Retail Conference confirmed
23 September CBR Moscow CBR Quarterly Group Meeting with Institutional Investors confirmed
26-28 September Morgan Stanley Cape Town RMB Morgan Stanley Big Five Investor Conference (EEMEA) confirmed
27-29 September JP Morgan London JPM Credit & Equities Emerging Markets Conference  confirmed
27-29 September Merrill Lynch London 21st Annual Banking & Insurance CEO Conference confirmed
29-30 September Morgan Stanley Cape Town RMB Morgan Stanley Off Piste Conference (EEMEA) confirmed
29 September - 2 October Citi New York 2016 Investor Relations Academy   
September-October Russian Government Sochi International Investment Forum dates tbc
3-7 October Renaissance Capital Nairobi, Kenya East Africa 1:1 Investor Conference confirmed
4-6 October Merrill Lynch London Building & Infrastructure Conference confirmed
6 October Goldman Sachs London Travel & Leisure Symposium prelim. confirmed
6-8 October JP Morgan London Credit and Equities EMEA Conference  
7-9 October IMF/World Bank Washington IMF and World Bank Annual Meetings confirmed
7-9 October CBR Washington Ad-hoc CBR meetings with investors (on the sidelines of the IMF/WB mtgs in Washington confirmed
12-14 October VTB Capital Moscow 8th Annual Investment Forum Russia Calling confirmed
24 - 28 October CBR quiet period
  Merrill Lynch London Russia Conference cancelled
4-5 November  Deutsche Bank  London BRICS, Metals and Mining Conference London  
7-8 November Goldman Sachs London EEMEA 1x1 Conference confirmed
9-10 November Goldman Sachs London Global Natural Resources Conference prelim. confirmed
15-16 November Moscow Exchange New York Moex Forum in New York confirmed
16-18 November Morgan Stanley Barcelona European TMT Conference confirmed
17-18 November Merrill Lynch Miami, FL Global Energy confirmed
17-19 November   Frankfurt European Financial Week  
29 November - 2 December Wood & Co Prague WOOD's Emerging Europe Conference confirmed
29 November or 13 Dec Goldman Sachs London Changing Consumer Conference  prelim. confirmed
29 November - 1 December UBS New York Global Emerging Markets One-on-One Conference (New York) confirmed
5-7 December Goldman Sachs London Industrials Conference prelim. confirmed
6 December Sberbank CIB Moscow "Metals & Mining and Fertilizer" Conference confirmed
6-7 December Moscow Exchange London Moex Forum in London confirmed
6-7 December  Merrill Lynch London European Chemicals Conference prelim. confirmed
8-9 December Goldman Sachs London Autos Conference prelim. confirmed
13 December or 29 Nov Goldman Sachs London Changing Consumer Conference  prelim. confirmed
12 - 16 December CBR quiet period
19 December CBR Moscow CBR Quarterly Group Meeting with Institutional Investors confirmed

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