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Data Originator Location Title Status
1 January      New Year Day
7-9 January Morgan Stanley Beijing China New Economy Summit confirmed
8 January Morgan Stanley Las Vegas Auto 2.0 Conference confirmed
8-9 January Goldman Sachs Miami Global Energy Conference confirmed
14-16 January UBS Stockholm&Frankfurt Russia/EMEA Corporate Days  confirmed
15 January Morgan Stanley London Global Insights Day confirmed
15-18 January Goldman Sachs Austria, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Czech CEE-4 Banks trip confirmed
16-17 January J.P. Morgan London CEEMEA Opportunities Conference confirmed
16-17 January Raiffeisen Centrobank New York Turkish Day confirmed
7 February Raiffeisen Centrobank Stockholm Russian Day confirmed
12-14 February Goldman Sachs San Francisco Technology and Internet Conference confirmed
25-28 February Morgan Stanley San Francisco Technology, Media & Telecom Conference confirmed
27 February - 1 March J.P. Morgan Miami Beach Global Emerging Markets Corporate Conference confirmed
4-6 March Morgan Stanley New York Utilities, Clean Tech & Midstream Energy Conference confirmed
4-7 March Goldman Sachs South Africa SA Multisector Group Trip TBC
8 March         Women's Day, public Holiday in Russia
13 March J.P.Morgan Paris Global Markets Conferernce confirmed
19-21 March Morgan Stanley London European Financials Conference confirmed
25 Macrh  Goldman Sachs London 2nd CEEMEA Internet Day confirmed
TBC Goldman Sachs Frankfurt 7th CEEMEA Corporate Days TBC
TBC Goldman Sachs New York 11th Global Macro Conference  TBC
1-3 April  Raiffeisen Centrobank Zuers (Austria) КСИ Institutional Investor Conference confirmed
2-4 April Bank of America Merrill Lynch London Energy & Utilities Conference  confirmed
3-4 April Moscow Echange Moscow Moscow Exchange Forum preliminary confirmed
4-5 April Goldman Sachs London 2nd CEEMEA Consumer and Retail Day confirmed
10-11 April UBS Singapore EMEA Corporate Days  confirmed
19 April         Good Friday
22 April         Easter Monday
TBC Goldman Sachs Frankfurt 7th CEEMEA Corporate Days TBC
TBC Raiffeisen Centrobank New York EMEA Retail Day TBC
1 May   Labour day in Russia, Europe, UK, Hong Kong and Shanghai
6 May   Early May Bank Holiday in UK
14-15 May Morgan Stanley London EEMEA Conference confirmed
14-16 May Bank of America Merrill Lynch Barcelona Global Metals, Mining & Steel  confirmed
14-16 May J.P. Morgan London Global Consumer & Retail Conference confirmed
16 May Raiffeisen Centrobank Warsaw Turkish Day confirmed
20-23 May Goldman Sachs Moscow, St. Petersburg Russian Oil & Gas Trip confirmed
21 May Morgan Stanley New York Morgan Stanley SMID Ideas Symposium confirmed
21-22 May J.P. Morgan London Technology, Media & Telecoms CEO Conference confirmed
27 May Spring Bank Holiday in the UK, Memorial Day in the USA
28-31 May Bank of America Merrill Lynch Miami Emerging Markets Debt & Equity Conference  confirmed
6-8 June SPIEF Saint-Petersburg St.Petersburg International Economic Forum confirmed
10-12 June HSBC New York GEMs Investor Forum  confirmed
12 June   Russia's Indeperndance day
17-19 June  UBS London LATEMEA conference  confirmed
18-19 June  J.P.Morgan New York Energe Conference confirmed
18-20 June Bank of America Merrill Lynch London Telecom & Media Conference confirmed
TBC Goldman Sachs Istanbul, Ankara Turkey Group Trip TBC
4 July    Independence Day in the USA
22 August Raiffeisen Centrobank Istanbul Turkey IR Day confirmed
26 August   Summer Bank Holiday in the UK, Memorial Day in the USA
TBC UBS Stockholm&Frankfurt Russia/EMEA Corporate Days TBC
2 September Labour day in the USA
2-3 September Goldman Sachs London 7th CEEMEA Financials Symposium confirmed
4-5 September Goldman Sachs New York 26th Annual Global Retailing Conference  confirmed
405 September J.P.Morgan New York Aisa Pacific CEO-CFO Conference confirmed
4-6 September HSBC London GEMs Investor Forum  confirmed
24-26 September Bank of America Merrill Lynch London Financials CEO Conference confirmed
25 September Raiffeisen Centrobank Bucharest Polish Day confirmed
26 September Raiffeisen Centrobank Bucharest Austrian Day confirmed
TBC UBS Stockholm&Frankfurt Russia/EMEA Corporate Days TBC
TBC Goldman Sachs Moscow Russian Internet Trip TBC
TBC Goldman Sachs Moscow Russian Financials Trip TBC
TBC Goldman Sachs Frankfurt 7th CEEMEA Corporate Days TBC
2-3 October  Moscow Exchange New York Moscow Exchange Forum: New York Session preliminary confirmed
3 October Raiffeisen Centrobank Paris EMEA Oil&Gas conference confirmed
14 October  Columbus Day in the USA
17 October Raiffeisen Centrobank Stockholm Romanian Day confirmed
TBC Goldman Sachs Moscow Russian Retail & Consumer Trip TBC
7 November Raiffeisen Centrobank Moscow Russian IR Day confirmed
11-12 November Goldman Sachs London 11th CEEMEA 1x1 Conference confirmed
14-15 November J.P. Morgan Hong Kong Global TMT Conference in Asia  confirmed 
20 November Raiffeisen Centrobank Warsaw Austrian Day confirmed
20-21 November  Moscow Exchange London Moscow Exchange Forum: London Session preliminary confirmed
21 November Raiffeisen Centrobank Warsaw Polish IR Day confirmed
27 November J.P. Morgan New York US Fixed Income Markets 2019 Outlook Conference confirmed
28 November  Thanksgiving Day in the USA
3-4 December UBS New York GEM conference  confirmed
6 December Goldman Sachs London 4th Greek 1x1 Conference confirmed
10 December Moscow Exchange Shanghai Moscow Exhcnage Forum: China Session preliminary confirmed
25 December   Christmas Day
26 December   Boxing Day in the US