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Data Originator Location Title Status
1 January  New Year Day
8-10 January Morgan Stanley Beijing China TMT Conference confirmed
9-10 January Goldman Sachs Miami Global Energy Conference confirmed
14-17 January UBS Stockholm&Frankfurt Russia Corporate Days  confirmed
15-18 January Goldman Sachs Austria, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Czech CEE-4 Banks trip confirmed
17-18 January  Raiffeisen Centrobank New York Turkish Day  
7 February Raiffeisen Centrobank Stockholm Russian Day confirmed
12-14 February Goldman Sachs San Francisco Technology and Internet Conference confirmed
26 February - 1 March Morgan Stanley San Francisco Technology, Media & Telecom Conference confirmed
4-6 March Morgan Stanley New York Global Energy & Power Conference confirmed
4-7 March Goldman Sachs South Africa SA Multisector Group Trip confirmed
8 March Women's Day, public Holiday in Russia
13 March J.P.Morgan Paris Global Markets Conference confirmed
19-21 March Morgan Stanley London European Financials Conference confirmed
25 Macrh  Goldman Sachs London 2nd CEEMEA Internet Day confirmed
1-3 April  Raiffeisen Centrobank Zuers (Austria) RCB Institutional Investor Conference confirmed
3-4 April Moscow Echange Moscow Moscow Exchange Forum confirmed
4-5 April Goldman Sachs London 2nd CEEMEA Consumer and Retail Day confirmed
10 April Raiffeisen Centrobank New York EMEA Retail Day  
19 April Good Friday
22 April Easter Monday
25 April Citi Hong Kong Surfing The New Economic Wave 2019 confirmed
1 May  Labour day in Russia, Europe, UK, Hong Kong and Shanghai
6 May Early May Bank Holiday in UK
8 May Credit Suisse New York CS Spring Utilities and Renewables Mini Half Day Conference confirmed
8-9 May J.P. Morgan Beijing Global China Summit confirmed
10 May Citi New York Connecting the Data Points: Citi Telecom, Cable & Media IR Day confirmed
14-15 May Citi Boston Global Energy & Utilities Conference confirmed
14-15 May Morgan Stanley London EEMEA Conference confirmed
14-16 May Bank of America Merrill Lynch Barcelona Global Metals, Mining & Steel  confirmed
14-16 May J.P. Morgan London Global Consumer & Retail Conference confirmed
15 May Raiffeisen Centrobank Warsaw Turkish Day confirmed
16 May Citi London Chemicals Conference confirmed
16-17 May UBS Lausanne Annual Financial Institutions Conference confirmed
20-21 May UBS Hong Kong APAC Financials and Fintech Conference confirmed
20-21 May WOOD & Company Warsaw MidCap Gems of Emerging Europe  confirmed
21 May Morgan Stanley New York Morgan Stanley SMID Ideas Symposium confirmed
20-22 May UBS Austin Global Oil and Gas Conference confirmed
21-22 May J.P. Morgan London Technology, Media & Telecoms CEO Conference confirmed
27 May  Spring Bank Holiday in the UK, Memorial Day in the USA
28-31 May Bank of America Merrill Lynch Miami Emerging Markets Debt & Equity Conference  confirmed
30-31 May WOOD & Company Zagreb CEE Investment Opportunities Slovenia & Croatia Investor Day  confirmed
3-4 June Citi Mumbai India Investor Conference confirmed
3-5 June Goldman Sachs Moscow Russian Oil & Gas Trip confirmed
4 June Credit Suisse London Global Chemicals and Agriculture Conference confirmed
4 June Credit Suisse London Corporate & Hybrid Capital Conference confirmed
4 June UBS New York Global Hedge Fund Conference confirmed
4-5 June Sberbank CIB Moscow Russia: The Inside Track confirmed
4-5 June Credit Suisse New York 21st Annual Communications Conference confirmed
5-6 June Credit Suisse London Global Energy Conference confirmed
5-6 June UBS New York Global Industrials and Transportation Conference confirmed
6-8 June SPIEF Saint-Petersburg St.Petersburg International Economic Forum confirmed
10-12 June HSBC New York GEMs Investor Forum  confirmed
12 June Russia's Independence day
12-14 June WOOD & Company Athens EME Financials & Greek Retreat  confirmed
13/14 June Raiffeisen Centrobank New York Russian Mining Day confirmed
18-19 June  UBS London LATEMEA conference  confirmed
18-19 June  J.P.Morgan New York Energy Conference confirmed
18-20 June Bank of America Merrill Lynch London Telecom & Media Conference confirmed
25-26 June Citi Singapore ASEAN C-Suite Investor Conference confirmed
4 July Independence Day in the USA
6-7 August Citi Jakarta Indonesia Investor Conference confirmed
6-7 August UBS Chicago Financial Services Conference confirmed
14-15 August Citi Las Vegas 1:1 Midstream/Energy Infrastructure Conference confirmed
20-21 August J.P.Morgan Singapore Tech Talks in ASEAN confirmed
22 August Raiffeisen Centrobank Istanbul Turkey IR Day confirmed
26 August  Summer Bank Holiday in the UK, Memorial Day in the USA
2 September Labour day in the USA
2 September Goldman Sachs London 7th CEEMEA Financials Symposium confirmed
2-3 September J.P.Morgan London Asia Pacific CEO-CFO Conference confirmed
3-5 September HSBC London Annual GEMs Investor Forum  confirmed
4-5 September J.P.Morgan New York Asia Pacific CEO-CFO Conference confirmed
4-6 September Citi New York Global Technology Conference confirmed
4-6 September WOOD & Company Bucharest Frontier Investor Days  confirmed
9-10 September Credit Suisse London Global Steel and Mining Conference confirmed
9 September Raiffeisen Centrobank Bucharest Polish Day confirmed
10 September Raiffeisen Centrobank Bucharest Austrian Day confirmed
9-11 September UBS London Business Services, Leisure and Transport Conference confirmed
12 Septenber Credit Suisse London  European Industrials Conference confirmed
17-18 September Credit Suisse Sao Paulo, Brazil Retail Conference confirmed
19-20 September Credit Suisse New York Consumer Conference confirmed
23-27 September Goldman Sachs Moscow Russian Internet Trip confirmed
24-26 September Bank of America Merrill Lynch London Financials CEO Conference confirmed
24-27 September J.P.Morgan London Credit Emerging Markets Conference confirmed
30 September WOOD & Company Stockholm Polish Innovation and Growth  confirmed
30 September Raiffeisen Centrobank Vienna CEO - Dinner - Equity Capital Market Event  
3-4 October Moscow Exchange New York Moscow Exchange Forum: New York Session confirmed
3 October Raiffeisen Centrobank Paris EMEA Oil&Gas conference confirmed
14 October Columbus Day in the USA
17 October Raiffeisen Centrobank Stockholm Romanian Day confirmed
4-5 November J.P. Morgan London Global Oil & Gas Conference confirmed
4-6 November Credit Suisse Shenzhen 10th Annual China Investment Conference confirmed
5-8 November Citi Shenzhen/Macau China Investor Conference confirmed
7 November Raiffeisen Centrobank Moscow Russian IR Day confirmed
11-12 November Goldman Sachs London 11th CEEMEA 1x1 Conference confirmed
13 November Credit Suisse Sao Paulo 3rd Credit Suisse Telecom Day confirmed
13 November UBS London Global Hedge Fund Conference confirmed
13-14 November Goldman Sachs London 8th Global Natural Resources Conference confirmed
18-19 November J.P. Morgan Hong Kong Global TMT Conference in Asia  confirmed 
20-21 November  Moscow Exchange London Moscow Exchange Forum: London Session preliminary confirmed
21 November Raiffeisen Centrobank Warsaw Austrian Day confirmed
22 November Raiffeisen Centrobank Warsaw Polish IR Day confirmed
27 November Raiffeisen Centrobank London Austrian Day  
28 November Credit Suisse London Digital & E-Commerce in Transport Conference confirmed
28 November Thanksgiving Day in the USA
Mid November WOOD & Company Belgrade Upgrade in Belgrade  TBC
2-5 December Credit Suisse Scottsdale 23rd Annual Technology, Media & Telecom Conference confirmed
3-4 December UBS London Global Real Estate CEO/CFO Conference confirmed
3-5 December UBS New York Global Emerging Markets One-on-One Conference confirmed
3-5 December Credit Suisse Palm Beach 7th Annual Industrials Conference confirmed
3-6 December WOOD & Company Prague WOOD's Winter Wonderland  confirmed
9-11 December UBS New York Global TMT Conference confirmed
10-11 December Citi London Global Consumer Conference confirmed
10 December Moscow Exchange Shanghai Moscow Exchange Forum: China Session preliminary confirmed
25 December Christmas Day
26 December Boxing Day in the UK and the US